Are Your Desires Not Manifesting? Here’s Why.

A slightly snarky explanation for those who like direct messages.

why aren't I rich?

Manifestation is the result of the first and final tenet:  Thought Creates.

So what if you’ve been sending out those thoughts, and that thing you want still isn’t coming?  Are you getting tired of the waiting game?


Here’s why it hasn’t come yet.

Let’s take a look at a scenario:

A viewer recently asked: “Why, if I’ve been thinking of being filthy rich for so many years, am I not filthy rich?”

Let me answer that by first saying that the Universe is so divinely orchestrated that it includes the answer to anything, embedded in the question itself.  That’s how awesome we as creators are; all of the answers are there…if we take the time to look within.


Let’s quickly dissect his statement:

“Why, if I’ve been thinking of being filthy rich for so many years…”

Higher Self to him: “Thought is only half of the process, my Dear One.  The intent is just as powerful as the thought being sent to Source.”

“Feel it!  Feel it!  Feel it!”

But wait, there’s more:

“…why am I not filthy rich?”

Higher Self gently answers: “Your focus on the lack of being rich is what is manifesting for you, because you are matching the vibration of not being rich with such statements.”

“Believe!  Believe!  Believe!”


Any statement you make is laced with the threads of your core beliefs. Sometimes, those beliefs run deeper than we think. So the Higher Self, loving gentle guide that it is, suggests that we drill down even further into ourselves to see if there isn’t a layer of—junk—that supports a belief that no longer serves us.

These layers want to rumble themselves to the surface; for they allow you to face junk that was programmed into you long ago.

In the case of the man above, I recommended that he look into his beliefs about money, and rich people, and worthiness, and how much power he believes he possesses to bring about what he wants.

Yet, blasting an old belief system can be a daunting task if you don’t know how deep that belief is seated in your unconscious mind.  Don’t let that stop you from facing it head on.  Here’s a way to start with just one little exercise.

Let’s start with a question:

“Why am I not filthy rich?”

  1. Write down the question in the middle of a blank piece of paper.
  2. Now start writing down anything that comes into your head, without judgment or second thought.  Completely surround that question with words, colors, numbers, or whatever shows up. Fill up the paper.
  3. Then, look at what you’ve written.  With each entry, there will be a “Time Stamp” associated with it.  Think of it as a representation of a chapter of your life.  For instance, you may have an entry such as, “No college degree.” This might represent your college years.
  4. Find the entry that represents the oldest, farthest back Time Stamp.

Whatever that entry is, consider it.  This will give you some indication of where in your past you can begin the quest for inner knowledge.

  • Was it a bad time for you?
  • Was there a lot of authority influencing you?  Parents? Teachers, telling you things that you believed?
  • Are those things still true for you?

By going to the oldest entry using your Time Stamps, you bypass the later stuff that was most likely added based on your longest-held belief.

This is a great way to strengthen the connection between your conscious, and your subconscious mind, where all those layers of junk reside.

Remember, that you can bring up any memory and simply observe it rather than judge your behavior about it.  This is one of the foundations of transparency and authenticity; taking responsibility for your actions, and reviewing them with compassion, with acceptance that you did the best you could with what you knew then.

Then release that shit.

Shoot it out to the Universe in a big bubble, and wish it luck going to the Light.  It served you for a while, but that energy will now be recycled by Source.  Advise that you are ready to replace unwanted beliefs with those that support happiness, joy and love.

Now go have fun, to bring yourself up to the highest vibration you can muster.  This is when things manifest!



The above was purposefully written in a slightly snarky tone for those who better absorb messages delivered in a very direct manner.  If you are reading this, then that could be you.  It certainly is me, most times. My personal opinion about people like us?

We like to suffer.

In Earthly terms, this feels like we are repeating the same healing cycles over and over and over. If you keep saying, “I thought I was over this!” about those repeating issues, then you may benefit from hearing more direct messages.  They may sound harsh, or evocative of strong emotions that could include anger.  You like big triggers, and you might like roller coasters too.

Welcome, pioneering soul! You are fully exploring the polarity experience here on Earth.  So consider this a message from another aspect of you, reminding you that “suffering” may have been a themed experience that you chose to have.

You can change your mind at any time.  Your soul plan can be rewritten, since you are creating your reality only in this moment.

When you get bored of the suffering, and want to explore smoother paths, you’ll just wake up one day and make that choice. You will willingly feel the feelings required to rebalance yourself; and you will rarely (if ever) look back.  Remember that all themes are merely ideas; and you can end those cycles of suffering by focusing on a new idea.  Make it a big dream.  Make it loving to yourself. These ideas will keep you busy in the imagination department, as you rewire yourself into positivity.

You’re an adventurer and there are lots of us here!  Love to you.



author: Kimberly

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