are you manifesting backwards?

It’s everywhere.  In every major sacred text.  From every revered teacher. “Thought Creates.”

“As you think, so shall it be.”

“What goes around, comes around.”

It’s a Universal Law.  Like attracts like.

Your vibration attracts things, people and situations of like vibration.  It starts with the thought, and it manifests from there.  Yet, unconscious creators get it backwards.

The majority of the population will view the world around it, and react from that place.

Reactions include things like:

  • Complaining about a situation or person’s behavior
  • Claiming that something is “not fair.”
  • Trying to change something that is already done.

This is where that annoying phrase, “Accept What Is” comes into play.  Complaining about what we see in our physical surroundings is like looking in the mirror and expecting the reflection to look different than you do.

Thought creates.  First the intention, then the results.

Our physical environment is a by-product of our thoughts.  If you’re looking at something, it is the result of your, or the collective’s, previous thoughts.  You want to see something different from what you now see?  Then send out a desire for something that looks different than what you now see, all the while accepting the landscape around you as what currently IS, and knowing that your intentions will bring things that match your new desire.

Just a little reminder:

When you were asleep, you probably manifested in this order:
I don’t like what I see around me, so I’m going to react to it.

Now that you’re awake, you know that Universal Law delivers in this order:
I am going to create what I like, and my physical reality will reflect that.


Remember your power!


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