are we living in a matrix

Are we really prisoners in a matrix from which few can escape?

Those who know me by now know that I won’t be answering this question with just a yes or no. There is never really a definitive answer for anything since you’re creating your own reality and you get to decide from an infinite number of possibilities.  Yet I get this question a lot from people who are feeling anger arise in them about the state of the world.  Are we stuck in a matrix of some sort?

In the awakening process, there is a stage in which attention finally goes inward.

This stage is initiated when self-inquiry begins as to one’s value in society; how one’s been treated so far in life, and our self-worthiness based on a collective pre-determined societal scale.

This is where the good stuff starts.

While in this contemplative stage, the search for answers triggers information that you stored—for yourself—to reveal itself, just in time for your question.  This path of self-discovery will take you through the belief systems regarding self-worth, lovability, purpose, and concerns about mortality.

It’s at this time that questions arise about what reality really is.  Have I been asleep all this time?  Have I been perpetually disempowered by others, who have been programming me with fear-based information?  Are things that my parents, teachers, and preachers, told me actually true?


“Who is in control of my reality?”

My answer:  “EXACTLY.”


Your reality is what you decide it will be. All the time.

I know that is a hard pill to swallow (the pun was unintended, but I’ll keep it here for effect).


Let’s start with some givens that apply to the vast majority of humans incarnated on Earth at the moment:

  • You are a soul that, in its natural state, is not physical.
  • You decided to incarnate into a physical body so that you could experience things on a broader scale, using physical senses to make it feel more real.
  • You had a choice of which game board you’d like to play on, and you could review the rules and conditions associated with each of the different games.
  • You and others chose to play on a particular game board, according to the rules of the game (on Earth, things such as space, distance, polarity, and linear time) set out by the Creators of the game, which are versions of you that are farther along in their spiritual development and like creating environments.  You know, like Cosmic Coders.
  • Part of you was “born” into the game, with the memory of your choice to play it erased for the time being.
  • You get to maneuver around the game, using free will, choosing this, choosing that, guided by the other part of you that isn’t in your body, if you choose to listen to it.
  • The longer you stay in the game, the more your physical part gradually remembers Who You Are and that you have the power to change the game with your thoughts when you consciously communicate with the part of you still “out there.”

OK, so here we are.  Awakening in the game we’re all playing.

So are we stuck?


Do you want to be stuck?  Do you want to feel controlled?  Then you are because the Law of Attraction is matching your vibration every time, all the time. It’s giving you what you ask for.

If you send out thoughts of not having control, then you will live in a reality in which others are controlling you.  You’ll be given those who will exert control over you; call them the Illuminati, the Catholic Church, the Cabal, the Reptilians, the Draco, Evil Stepmother, the selfish boss, or whatever you like.

These other aspects of you will be there, playing their parts for you, giving you what you have asked for. They will feed off of your fear if you believe that they do, and they will control you for as long as you find it serves you.

And then, if your matrix no longer serves you, you will make a different choice.

You could move to a world in which everyone is equal, and people get along.  Yes, they do exist, and yes, you will still be learning about Who You Are, even without all of that polarity. There are more realities that are set up in this positive fashion than there are set up with Earth’s type of oppression.

It’s all for you. You get to decide, and you can change your mind at any time, by jumping out of your self-made matrix, and into a different game.

This is when you master your reality; when you realize which game you’re playing, and you mold it to whatever you want to experience, simply by changing your thoughts.

That’s how powerful you are.



author: Kimberly

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