Amusement Park Earth: The Tea Cup Ride

Teacup Amusement Ride

When you were a little kid, amusement park rides were limited.

If you didn’t reach that line on the sign, you couldn’t go on the “big kids” rides. Thus, you were relegated to the area of the park that had the “gentler” rides. Take the Teacup ride. Every park has one: cute little tea sets arranged in a circle, at the end of an octopus arm.

When the octopus began to spin, each teacup would also spin on its own axis; resulting in the riders spinning on three axes simultaneously. That’s some serious spinning. (This is generally thrilling for the kids, but perhaps not as much for parents with stomachs harboring ((or attempting to harbor)) margaritas and nachos.)

Yet kids don’t need the symbolism of the Teacup ride to get something out of the experience; they just have a damn good time spinning around until the ride stops. However, the awakening (and sometimes over-analyzing) adult may search more for the reason that the Teacup ride is even in their reality at all.


The Cycles of Rebalancing

One symbol to explore is that of the cycles of healing. Largely unconscious for most, these cycles become more obvious as your consciousness expands. A trigger, then a dip while you acknowledge and process a belief, and then the return to an “enhanced normal” state. This is how we replace heavy energy with light.

Much like the teacups spinning on three simultaneous axes, you rebalance your energy simultaneously on multiple levels of the Self. All that crying isn’t just healing the Earthly You that’s sprawled out on the couch; it’s also healing Others connected to you in every known–and unknown–direction. It’s rebalancing your Higher Self, and the Self above that one, and the One above that one…ad infinitum.

It’s expanding all selves, everywhere. That’s how powerful you are.


Kids Ride With The Cycles

Kids will scream with joy while zinging around in their teacups on any number of axes unless they are surrounded by fearful parents worried about how they’ll react. Higher levels are also experiencing that immense joy of the moment with you, just as they are enjoying your healing cycles. All of your experiences are valid and expansive, so do your best to honor those crying fits just as much as your accomplishments.

None of us is a finished product. All consciousness is growing, and creating, endlessly. When you let go and know that you are expanding on all levels for eternity, then all of the amusements—whether they send you spinning, dropping, or hanging—will offer a thrilling, and safe, experience.

The Teacup analogy: “Aim to saunter along the midway, with full run of the park.”


author: Kimberly
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