Accessing Universal Wisdom

...or cool unexpected party trick?

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Someone asks a complicated question, and you blurt out totally unexpected—and accurate!— universal wisdom.  Problem is, you didn’t know anything about that subject…or where the answer came from.

Your friend may have a surprised look on their face, wondering how you have so much wisdom about this subject. And you may be just as surprised, because to your knowledge, you didn’t know anything about it.

These times are full of unexpected things (remember, you wanted it that way from a soul level!), including access to universal wisdom that you previously couldn’t access.

Where is this information coming from?  From the field of consciousness, or what some call Universal Wisdom.  The field contains every minuscule detail about every single thing that’s ever been considered by any soul, anywhere, from the past going all the way back, and going into the future that hasn’t happened yet, in every timeline…always.

You have access to this at any time—Earth time, I mean—and all it takes is the remembrance that you have access to it.  I know you’ve heard this a million times before, but it’s really about letting it in.  The field is all around you.  It is in you, too.  You are part of the field.

So who was doing the talking?

Just another version of yourself, giving you a little heads up that you’re connected, and in a good way!  Look for the expansion involved. Consider what your Higher Self might be nudging you towards.  Hint:  it’s always to learn more about yourself through the experience.

How did you feel about delivering information you weren’t aware that you knew?

Did you doubt yourself afterwards?  Feel more powerful?  Get excited and wonder what other information you can access?


All great things to think about! With each question, you discover a new facet about yourself.  Adding this new realization to your awareness also submits it to the field, where others can learn from your experience.

As your frequency rises, so will your willingness to allow your Higher Self to steer you around.  This includes unexpected knowledge.  Besides being a cool party trick, your message, or some aspect of it, is serving your friend in perfect ways.

We’re all growing because of you…so thanks!


All my love,



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