holding hands with your partner

There is someone out there whose soul is waiting for you to come out of hiding.

Listen.  There are plenty of inauthentic people in our world.  Rampant egos, broken expectations so painful that they supersede the will to consciously create a better reality. There are people who choose to remain in pain because it serves their purpose right now for expansion.

If you’re reading this, that is not you.  You, and I, consistently address our brokenness and we are formulating pathways to better beliefs.  The part of us that is hiding behind the need to fit in is breaking down, and we are realizing the potential available to us by being so unique that we shine in our incomparability.

Your partner—who is another WHOLE rather than another half—is waiting for you to be exactly Who You Really Are. The You that allows your uniqueness to show in every one of your moments.

How do I know this?  Because we all want love.  Not a single human doesn’t want love.  That’s the reason we showed up here on this savage chunk of rock in physical form in the first place.  To remember that the essence of Who We Are is love.

And that person, whomever he or she is, has been sending out the desire for someone just like you, just as you’ve been sending out the desire for your own partner.

It’s only your resistance holding you back.  The more you allow your authentic self to shine, the less resistance you have, and the faster you will see that person.  They are already there.  You just can’t see them yet because the glasses you’re currently wearing to see the world are filtering them out through resistance.

Today, take your “resistance glasses” off.  Would you act differently?  Will you say different things? Will you acknowledge the synchronicities being presented to you, and act on them?

I guarantee, you can see much better without your glasses.


Earth Energy:






888 (Financial abundance is near)

1024 (You’ve received another byte of information – take note)



author: Kimberly

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