4th Dimension: The Death of Loneliness

The black sheep of frequency levels accelerates evolution

wooden cubes

We see humanity very intent on moving from what you call 3D, or the third dimension, to 5D, the fifth dimension.

There are many of you wanting to make this evolutionary leap sooner rather than later, as if physicality is something to shed yourself of.  You rarely hear anyone talk about the 4th dimension, though.

Now such opinions originated from some religions on your planet aiming to release the body as if it were a detriment to your evolution; and we would like you to know that this is not the case.  As we’ve said before, your body is a representation of your beliefs about yourself; yet as a vehicle to navigate your third-dimensional plane, it offers you a wide variety of experiences to enjoy.  Please enjoy them all if you can.  We have a question for you:

Why do most people never talk about the dimensional frequency in between 3D and 5D?

It’s as if you skip right over it, this 4D plane!

We wish that you enjoy your upliftment process as much as possible, so we’d like to add our opinion about the path you take through your 4D plane on your way to the “good stuff” in the 5th dimensional octaves and beyond.

Traditionally, your science associates 3D with the three dimensions of length, width and height.  Any cube can demonstrate this concept.  When you add time to the equation, then things get a little bit fuzzy for humanity.  You do your best to measure it with instruments—chronological rulers, so to speak—by observing the sun’s behavior, the moon’s behavior, the change in seasons, and so on.  And you have to admit that it isn’t so accurate, since you require a “leap year” every so often to make up for some messy measurements.

This is because time cannot really be measured.  It isn’t necessary really, because you are in the process of letting it go anyway.

Your experience in 4D is the symbolic process of discovering that time doesn’t exist.

It is the period of your awakening process in which you realize that there is no separation at all between things, in fact.

That everything is one, and that you were never alone.   It is the plane on which you remember that there are no real walls, no real clocks; and that your skin does not separate you from the objects and people surrounding you.

Although there are no solid lines between the dimensions just as there are no solid lines of air between the inside and the outside of any room, there are times when you are more focused on one plane than on another.

Your experience in the 4D frequency can be considered a training ground while you transform from the 3D plane of separation, to the 5D plane of unity.

It truly is the death of loneliness, for when you recognize that you are surrounded by friends in all of your moments, you will never feel alone again.  We hope that you can take the time to appreciate the hard work that you are doing during this upliftment process.  We are all experiencing Earth’s transition together, each from our own unique vantage points; each in our own moments, which are measured in intensity rather than in linear time.

We hope that you enjoy this little “death,” for following it is the dawn of a new existence in each glorious moment that you call Now.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,