13 More Things I Wish I’d Known When Waking Up

by Kimberly Darwin

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We’re doing it!  Earth is waking up!

Waking up to the realization of our nature as an aspect of Source—while incarnated in the physical—is an exhilarating experience.

It’s been a wild ride back to this realization, and if it is a roller coaster of ups and downs for you too, welcome!  You are an adventurous soul, one who knew that you could feel great emotion, while whizzing through those peaks and valleys of Earthly existence.

My original list of 13 Things I Wish I’d Known still stands for those on this journey; here I’ve added 13 more realizations after having more time to conceptualize the ideas in the first list.  Most are esoteric and abstract…and that also applies to my new life in general, in all areas.  And it’s really, really, good.

So if you are feeling despondent about the ascension process, please know that you are loved, supported, and there is always someone or something nearby to lift your spirits.  It starts with you letting it in.  So here it is:

1. Nothing is random

Every email message, spam call, weird comment from a stranger, marketing postcard received in the mail, untimely interruption…has relevance to you in some way.  Any information coming to you—no matter the form it comes in—is sent to you, by you, to move you forward in your rebalancing.  What will you do with it?  Hint: in my opinion, following breadcrumbs is one of the most fun parts of waking up.


2.  Your soul friends surround you, often undisclosed

As the boundary between the physical and the ethereal world dissipates, you stop trying to explain away all of the weird occurrences. You acknowledge that this Universe is so vast that you simply couldn’t know all there is to know, which sends you into humble mode. When you are in a frequency of playful allowing, your soul friends will be more obvious to you.  They show up in form when you are open enough to discuss larger evolutionary concepts while in the physical.  My biggest hurdle:  “I am alone in this process and no one is going through it with me.”  In all actuality, EVERYBODY is going through it with you.  Yet it takes your willingness to openly discuss it in the physical, without fear of ridicule or shame.  Be prepared for answers to your deepest internal inquiries to be sung by the grocery store cashier, or spat out from the homeless guy on the corner. All of these people are only versions of yourself…which leads us to the next one.


3. Don’t be afraid of your own energy

When the full force realization hits you that in a telepathic world, none of your thoughts are secret, there could be a period of worrying about every thought you send out.  “Did that person just realize I judged him?  Oh crap, I didn’t mean to do that.  Now I’ve mucked up my creation by sending out bad intentions.”  If you judged, and you caught it, then you’ve learned.  Perhaps your soul friend did detect your judgment.  If so, he would also detect your rebalancing, so not to worry.  Do the best that you can, remembering that everyone that presents themselves to you is YOU, in another costume.  Are you afraid of yourself?


4. Extraterrestrials and Extradimensionals are right here alongside you

…when you believe in them.  As mentioned above, they too are other versions of yourself; playing various roles in their own systems of reality.  Understanding the first three things above will make this easier on you.  In order to meet in the physical, you must raise your frequency, and generally they lower theirs, to meet you mid-way.  It can start during your rest times, and then spill over to waking times when you are able to maintain your higher frequency and still shop at Target.  Look there!


5.  No one needs to be saved

As a lightworker, you may feel your purpose is to liberate the sleeping people from their 3D stupor. In fact, they are supported by the same Source that you are, and as mentioned above, everyone is growing just fine without your intervention.  As a conduit of Source, you are much more valuable being a happy environmental prop that spews light out on everyone you encounter.  Do what brings you joy, and you will maintain the frequency to be that lighthouse for others.


6.  All fear, shame and guilt will be left behind

And the main word there is…ALL.  You won’t be taking it with you because fear does not vibrate in those frequencies.  You yourself are vibrating away from these lower-thought forms, so do your best to let the feelings run through you and out into the Earth. The easiest way to do this is to cut yourself a break, every time, ALL THE TIME, about EVERYTHING.  Please.


7.  Say goodbye to clocks and calendars

Both of these “timely” constructs will be leaving your life as you recognize that all experience is in the Now.  Breakfast at 4pm?  Sure, but you also won’t label oatmeal as a “breakfast food” anymore, because breakfast is yet another construct to toss aside.  And 4pm?  Pfft.  When you start behaving like your cat, sleeping here and there, eating you know, whenever, then you know you’re letting those limitations go. My biggest hurdle: Being afraid to miss appointments. Consider setting reminders for important occasions while you switch over your evolutionary operating system.


8.  Every situation has good and bad possibilities

As you shed the fears, you’ll also realize that you may have been focusing on negative outcomes by default.  If this is you, look lively! It was just part of the setup while you had your separation experience.  The next best version of You, when you allow it in, will consider positive outcomes first.  Of course, there’s always in between, if you still want some spice in your creation.


9.  You never go backwards, and it accelerates

Energy is real stuff!  All of those councils and ET groups assisting with our ascension actually send energy that GOES somewhere, which is into You.  It serves to move you forward, sort of like training wheels until you can balance by yourself.  So if you don’t have a way to ground yourself, please find one.  Your goal is to become a clear conduit for Source energy and that means your light is gonna get brighter.  You must be prepared for it.  Hint: I needed a whole lot of rest and more water than ever before.


10.  All of the choices that you didn’t make went on creating without you

Every time you are called to make a decision, you will consider between several options; let’s call them A, B & C.  After considering your choices, perhaps you pick A, and you will go on to experience the results of that choice in the physical.  However, you also create versions of yourself to experience the B and C choices. Off they went, creating on their own. You have access to their experiences; and you can incorporate their knowledge into your daily life.  How did that choice work out for them?  Making these connections drastically reduces the number of undesired Earth experiences you actually bring into form.


11.  You are the center of the Collective

The adage “As within, so without” isn’t just a really short poem.  It’s Universal Law. You will remember that everything you see around you is a collaborative consciousness turning itself into form for you, and it’s also an extension of yourself.  You had an idea, and you sent it out.  Your friends said, “Heck ya, I’ll help you with that” and off you go.  This applies to friends and family as well as society and the Collective as well.  It’s all your version—and we all have our own versions—and we all intermingle to make the learning more fun.


12.  Earth rules need not apply

As earlier mentioned, you will soon see the flimsy nature of the Earth environment.  It starts with wonky time (remember 11:11?), and then a whole year goes by in what felt like 2 days.  Commonly-accepted societal constructs—the medical system, the educational system, insurance, and of course, government—will crumble when you start to question how they ended up in your world.  Those old constructs might actually start to bore you, making it easy to drop the idea with the wave of a hand.  Integrity takes over, and then you’ll be part of the solution to Earth’s challenges.


13.  The unknown is not so scary

This one was the cause of so many “deer in the headlights” looks over the years:  “What do I do? What if I do it wrong?”  Creation is actually very simple.  You are completely free to create anything that you want; and through your focus on it, you bring it into form.  There are ramifications for everything that you create, and nothing happens to you that you did not request. So when you love all of your creations, guess what you’re focusing on now?  The “unknown” will actually become “partly known,” since you know that your focus on good things will bring you good things.  It’s law, and it really does work, and in all areas of your life when you allow it.


I hope that your path is an exciting journey of astonishing miracles, one after the other.  You’re meant to savor it, although many days that peaceful feeling may seem far away.  If so, have a chuckle about this structure you created to fool yourself for a while.  It’s all in good fun, and there is more magic waiting for you right around the corner.  See you there!



author: Kimberly

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