What Do Your Wordle Habits Say About You?

Are you looking Up or looking Down?

If you are one of the 3 million Wordle players on Earth, here’s a way to self-assess your current frequency during daily play.

Sure, it’s just a word game, but if it’s in your purview, it’s there to help you consciously expand.  Some people play Wordle for the few minutes of personal challenge that it provides.  Others are competitive, striving to guess the daily word in the fewest tries.  Then there are the people (ok, me) who spend hours researching the most mathematically-practical word to start with.  And oh the shame, when we still can’t guess it (one in a database of 10,000) in the allotted six attempts.

I am being slightly facetious, of course, but Wordle is actually a great indicator of one’s inherent habits.  What aspects of winning are important to us?  How do we view “games” in the scheme of our lives? And how that feeling of personal accomplishment measures up against the effort spent pursuing the “win.”

Was the time spent worth it to you?

Many of us were taught that play comes after the work is done.  Games like Wordle—timed to reset only once daily so you can’t get too addicted—have put a wrench in those old ideas.  There IS time to play before work.  There IS a benefit from spending a few minutes solving a challenge that benefits your brain and memory recall in a number of ways.  So those old Industrial Revolution mindsets can take a hike; the New Earth mindset allows for the incorporation of healthy, playful challenges into our day.  And a refreshed attitude can make the workday a whole lot more pleasant, if we’re not quite following our joy in that area just yet.


Word choice and your current mindset

The intention of Wordle is that you guess the words from your own personal database – your vocabulary.  You get hints, of course, in the placement and inclusion of certain letters from the words you’ve submitted, but by which process are you choosing the words in the first place?  Here is a great example from yesterday’s Wordle…

I started with my go-to first word, EARLY.  And then from there, look at the words I chose.

example of Wordle game

It was a rough morning, with a lot of emotional detoxes regarding the setting of boundaries, standing up for myself, and allowing my authentic power to emerge into the physical.  Enter Wordle, to get the mind away from the purging, even if only for a few minutes. I like drinks on the PATIO so that one came easily.  I scanned the reduced number of remaining letters attempting to find a word.  As you can see, it took me three tries to get the answer, with two pretty negative attempts prior to the winning word.  It came naturally, unconsciously, even, that I chose rather negative words before I found a positive one.

This is not an indication that the world is going to Hell in a handbasket.

On good days, the path isn’t so dark.

example of wordle puzzle

But these puzzles provide some perspective on the words I grasp first, based on my current mindset.  So check out your word choices, and also see what the words themselves, strung together, can indicate for you.  By the way, the entire game of Wordle is a representation of an array, a technique explained by Flora for mapping your daily frequency in order to redesign your thoughts if what arises doesn’t look so positive.  We’re creating a course for using arrays to alleviate mind loops and get you back into positive thinking.  So your playing Wordle will actually be fortifying your ability to make arrays, thus getting a good glimpse of what’s going on inside of you unconsciously in those moments.

Friends, take a playful gander at your word choices, how important winning is to you, and whether you can spend some time in a joyous challenge without guilt setting in.  These are old thought patterns, and nothing more. You always have a choice in how you spend your day.  All of it is about learning, and none of it needs to include suffering.  No TAINTing required, no FAINTing necessary.  You are already a SAINT, even if you forget it sometimes.


My love to you.


author: Kimberly

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