Foxing: Is Everything ALMOST Perfect?

finding hidden resistance

So you’ve been working on yourself.  Facing those fears head on, redesigning the beliefs that work for you, and sending out crystal clear intentions on what you want to create in your life.

Congratulations, Trailblazer!  You are a wayshower for the rest of humanity; you’re early to the game of ascension, and your life is no doubt showing great improvement from where you were even a year ago.  Is everything, in all corners of your life, going the way you want it to? Do you have the job, the partner, the purpose, the health, that matches the desires you’re sending out?

If so, then I am doing the Happy Dance with you, because I love to see everyone around me succeed.

If not, then you are among the majority of Lightworkers at the moment, who understands the Law of Attraction, uses it consistently, and is seeing positive results in MOST areas of their life.

It’s OK to be there, by the way.  You are a winner already.  Your value is not at doubt here.

The only thing you’re experiencing is resistance, in one area, that you are so used to having, you don’t even know it’s there. I call it “foxing.”

Foxes are cunning little buggers, often labeled “tricksters.” They exhibit extreme intelligence, planning abilities, and radical problem-solving skills.  They sneak in, and they sneak out of places and situations.

Just like that resistance that keeps sliding in there just before you are about to break through something.  And you don’t even see it slink in, but you sure can feel it when you get that sinking feeling that a part of your life still isn’t going in the desired direction.

Read this:  The Fox shows up when it’s time to let something go.  Is it a rigid thought about what reality is supposed to be like? Does your life have to be like everyone else’s? I bet you don’t want it to be anyway. Create your own reality.

BAM! You just read that and hopefully, it triggered your subconscious to recognize that resistant thought or belief about how your life should be lived, next time it arises. Then you can make your conscious decision to let that shit go.

So pay attention today next time you feel that sinking feeling about something.  Dig a bit deeper into the—here it comes—foxhole, and remind yourself that you are creating this life, and you can have anything you want.  And So It Is.



author: Kimberly

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PS If you want to read more about the fox as a spirit animal, this site explains it beautifully.