Your Unseen Audience On The Light Grid

"There are beings preparing for a Universal party."

earth with grid

Humanity has many fans in other dimensions.

Those observing, and contributing their positive energy to your planet want to see you succeed in awakening to the fact–while you are still in physical form– that you are the creators of your experience.  Imagine your globe, with all of its people wandering around it; living their lives, experiencing things, while feeling very much physical and separate.  Now imagine another layer that surrounds this globe. This grid isn’t as solid as the globe itself, but it has its own kind of surface that is slightly less physical. This holographic grid—or plane, as many call it— is what you call your Light Grid.

What is happening there?

There are people wandering around on it, too, having experiences from a lighter perspective, from a higher vibrational state.  Life is even more vivid, more expansive, due to the fewer limitations that the inhabitants impose on themselves and others.  You are one of those people, by the way; there is another version of you that has “figured it out,” and is living the life that you are aiming to have while in physical form.  This is part of your supportive audience.

You and the awakened community know that there are other, more expansive worlds “out there.“  You also know that anything outside of you starts with the thoughts that originate from inside of you.  Anything that is not love, you will see as a limitation that can be dropped, and easily, if you make a choice to do so.

The collective is also realizing this, in its own ways, on paths as individual as each of you are.  Some are aware of the concept of energy, while others are not sure exactly what is different, but they feel something different nonetheless.


So we believe that it is time to start preparing for the party.

Everyone has an invitation to this party, and more humans are accepting the invite every day.  We have the benefit of seeing their energetic RSVPs; we know that many people are getting themselves “dressed up” for this occasion, by choosing to stand in front of the mirror and loving who they see.


These two planes represent different states of remembrance regarding your true nature as immortal creators.

Now each human has a Self on both of these grids.  Both versions walk around, learning, expanding, and experiencing.  Sometimes you may prefer to go to the denser plane to interact with someone or something in a limited way, and other times you focus on the higher-frequency Light Grid and interact from that state of awareness.

We would like to see you on the Light Grid as often as possible during these times.   For we would like your help in decorating for the party.

You see, your recent experience with the denser plane makes you very high in demand on the Light Grid.

For you know how physicality feels.  You know the energy that’s down there, and you know the language of its inhabitants better than we do since many of us don’t focus from the physical perspective often, if at all.

This Light Grid is the beautiful place that your collective has been building, with all of that hard “work” in the waking and sleep states.

Consider yourselves hosts.   Party planners.  Cruise directors. 

Name your title, and we will accept your offer of assistance in the planning in the way that brings you the most excitement.

You know the customs.  And you know the greetings.  You can help your visitors feel right at home when they arrive.  And you also know unconditional love, which the new arrivals may feel uncomfortable about receiving until they feel safer about it.

If you consciously choose to address anyone and everyone from the perspective of the Light Grid, then you will always interact from a place of love; and your body, your behavior, and the landscape around you will reflect this.   You will always be talking to their “Party Self,” and this helps them acclimatize to the new, higher frequencies.

Here are some words that may describe the feeling of being on your Light Grid:

  • Dreamy
  • Spacey
  • Peaceful
  • Bright
  • Colorful
  • Whimsical
  • Bold
  • Joyous
  • Graceful

We sure do love a party with those qualities!

Your visitors may not be all that comfortable with those feelings; but if you see familiar people demonstrating new behavior in these areas, this is an indication that their “Party Self” has sent in their RSVP.  Support this behavior, and perhaps show them some of the fun you’ve had while in those states.

We are thrilled to assist with the preparation in our own ways, along with the rest of your “unseen audience” here in other realms.   SO we send messages.  And we send portents of upcoming joy to those who are open to receiving them.

It is a very intriguing time to be co-creating this new flagship experience for our Universe!  We hope that you will collaborate with us and do your part in decorating for the festivities, and we are very excited to meet all of you on the Light Grid.

All my love,