Your Dream State Is Closer To Your True Reality

In your dream state, you can do anything. In the New Energy, your dreams are your true reality.

Did you know that if you are living on Earth right now, you’re a Badass?

Even if you’re still asleep, you are still “cool” in Universal terms. That’s because Earth was a tough place to incarnate, due to the extensive polarity and the density of the illusion in which we chose to live. True reality, however, takes many forms.

When you dream, you are closer to your natural state; you are aligned with Source, and your resistance is eliminated. In your dreams you can fly, you can jump off cliffs and land on your feet, and you can place yourself in any imaginable situation with no concern for the limitations that Earth life places on you. So in essence, you are controlling the entirety of your reality, and then you are living within that creation.

Well, that’s exactly what you’re doing in your waking state, too, but you might have forgotten this.

Your dream state is the closest most humans can relate to our true reality.

When you wake up from your dream state in the morning, you enter back into the illusion that we as a collective created, with the physical limitations that you were told apply to you.

Yeah, you can squash that notion anytime you like, by the way.

So pay attention to your dreams, because they are you, flying free with your imagination, unfettered by the perceived restraints of your Earthly existence; and note where your Higher Self is taking you on those trips. That’s valuable information for you about your chosen Earthly theme in your eternal quest for expansion.  And remember, you can create a really good dream.