Why Future Events Seem So Far Away

"Time is controlled by frequency."

Chess knights facing each other

Earth Energy Report for Monday, April 26, 2021
by Flora, from the Manoamao Tribe, Andromeda

  • Number: 000
  • Color: Clear
  • Taste:  Mint
  • Smell: Leather
  • Image: Knight
  • Stone: Lemurian Quartz

Reminder:  Time is controlled by frequency.


We know that there are many things you desire there on your planet, that have not yet shown up in the physical.  As you awaken from your amnesia, there is often some confusion about this.

“If I am a master creator, then why isn’t everything here now?”

Well, in truth, it is, since all thoughts create.

You have simply allowed yourself to doubt your own powers, so that you could better participate in your expansion.  Now that you know this, you can throw those doubts away and continue expanding without them.

By exploring the dichotomies in your system, you will find some false beliefs hidden in there, as yet unexamined by your conscious mind.

Dichotomy is when two opposing things are “facts” at the same time.

Day and Night.
Good and Evil.
Asleep and Awake.

“Well those things can be true at different times,”  you may say.

And you are correct!

For instance, on your Earthly plane you collectively agree to daytime, and to nighttime.   You also collectively agree that these periods follow the movements of your heavenly bodies and the stars in your system.  You have set up such frameworks within which to generate your experiences.

If you venture deeper, you will see that many Earthly dichotomies require an element that is also a dichotomy in itself:  Time.

You know by now that linear time doesn’t really exist, when you view the world from higher levels of awareness; but it definitely can feel true from an Earthly perspective.  It is easy to forget this dichotomy while enmeshed in your society the way you’ve all set it up.

You are having a wild adventure in the slowing down of things!

So to keep it exciting for you, here’s one more piece of information to consider:

Time is a choice.

Now follow us here.

Time exists.
Time doesn’t exist.

So how do you define Time?

Does it include the Now, or is your Now separate from your past and your future events?

The magnitude of the delineation between past, present and future, in your terms, will largely determine how Time progresses for you. 

Many of you are waiting for something.  A partner, your freedom, or perhaps a monetary break.  In your modern society, these things in most cases come to you incrementally.  Yet with all possibilities existing, some things also come instantaneously.  You have plenty of examples of this on Earth, such as how your lottery can change someone’s life in a single moment.

Let’s take a look at how you personally view Time.

If you envision any event in your past, you will see that the element of Time is generally stripped out.

Without conscious intention to recall it, the duration of that event is not a major element of the memory.  What you recall instead are the interactions, and the accompanying feelings related to the event.

As you review this past event, you are recalling an alternate version of yourself.   An “old you,” you could say.

Now if you envision an event in your future events, things are viewed differently.

You might find that between your Now and the arrival of something you desire, there is a span of time wedged in between the two.

You insert a delay in between the current version of yourself, and the You that has achieved the desire.

This looks to you in the physical as having to work for something, get educated about something, or go somewhere in order to achieve your goal.  This is a result of an inherent belief that things take effort to obtain.

This was all part of your Master Plan, by the way.  And also woven into this Master Plan was the ability to live largely outside of the stranglehold of Time.  You do this by inspecting your thoughts to find dichotomies, and questioning them.

“Why do I add time to my future events, but I don’t recognize it in past events?”

Such lines of questioning will unveil all sorts of assumptions that you can discard if you’d rather live a more fluid life.

So how do you look at your future events then, when what you want isn’t here in your Now?

You, as souls, do have courses of interest.  You came here to learn any number of things, with each plan as unique as the individual living it.  And since the Universe expands with every desire you send out, there will always be something to want.

Yet the receiving of it is not related to any time delay; rather, consider it related to the matching of frequencies.

Challenge the assumption that time must elapse between two different versions of the Self.

Consider that the disparity between the two of you is related to how you feel right now, versus how that future version of you feels.   You will most likely assume that Future You feels better than Current You. So you must match the two if you want to experience your desire.  That’s why everyone is always telling you that your frequency matters more than the circumstances.

You are not eliminating effort here, as you can see.  Rather, your efforts are spent focusing inward on what needs to change in you, in order for you to feel how that Future You is feeling.  You will naturally take action in the physical to achieve this, and since it’s aligned with your desire, it will feel easy.  Chances are that you could relax more into your expansion, and worry less. You might even have fun!

Moving between versions of yourself is always a shift in frequency.  There are no exceptions.

So why not go straight to the energy source of the change, and start your engine with intention?  Reach for the feeling of that other Self, feel it in the Now, and remember that you, too are a dichotomy.

You exist in many places at once, and all of them are true.  Which one do you choose to be right now?


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,


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