Too Much Noise? Create a Midzone Icon

"I use internal, and external stimuli, to define my reality."

create a midzone icon

Do you crave a reduction of noise in your world?

Noise from endless streams of communication, whether visually, audibly, or energetically, for that matter.  All of the stimuli that are coming to you from “out there” may seem to cause more discord than it does peace.

There is a reason for this.  During your exploration of deep polarity, you are constantly giving yourselves options as to where you want to put your attention.  With millions of posts, articles, albums, books, shows and opinions to contend with, there comes a time when you realize that you must do some housecleaning.  You must declutter, by consciously choosing which external stimuli you will focus on…because with it you are creating your reality.

As a conscious creator, you use external stimuli to provide contrast in your environment.

This is by design, so let’s start out with the knowing that this is how Life expands.  It is not a fault, nor a mistake, that your world appears to you in this way.

When you can make peace with the method by which you’ve chosen to expand while incarnated on Earth, then you can begin to choose which stimuli you want to stimulate you.  You will consciously decide in each moment where to focus; and when you do, then you will draw to yourself those people, events, and situations that match your desires.  So it seems logical that you would want to focus on situations that you actually want to experience.

Now we also want to make note that internal noise can be just as discordant.

Thought loops that run rampant, with no attention to them, will create unconsciously on your behalf.  Do you want your world created from noise, or from a place of deliberate choice?  We think we know which you would choose, but of course, it’s always your decision.

So what can you do when you feel bombarded with noise?

There are times in which you can’t shut yourself off alone in a room to chant in meditation.  There are situations that disallow your turning off this noise, such as in a public place shared by others who are very intent on focusing on it.

No matter where you find yourself here is one way to bring yourself out of the noise, and back into the deeper aspects of your Self:

Let’s create a Midzone Icon.

Icons are visual images that counterbalance negative thought patterns, steering you back into positivity.  They are applied when you notice your thoughts going in a direction that you know won’t serve you; they work fast once they are established!

The Midzone Icon is used to center your thoughts by reducing internal, or external, noise.

  • To remind you that you can activate new, beneficial thoughts.
  • To remind you that you are an eternal being, currently dreaming.
  • To remind you that all threats are illusions.
  • To remind you that you have a right to live in joy, in ALL areas.


Creating a Midzone Icon

Which image, when you view it:

  • Moves you to peace?
  • Stops you in your tracks in its beauty?
  • Resets hope?

We want you to search your Bank of Symbols for one.  We promise it’s there.

Here are a few suggestions that may spark some remembrance:

Icon examples - blue sky, water


We recommend that you print it or put it on your computer screen.  This will serve as a temporary reminder until the association has been established.

When you have determined your Midzone Icon, start applying it when:

  • Your thoughts start racing and you can’t catch up with them.
  • External situations look like they may get out of hand, with you either as a bystander or as a participant.
  • When you are unable to find a clear decision to a “problem” you’re having.

View the chosen image in your mind, or on the screen if you prefer.  Interact with it, feel it, and let it do its thing.

The idea is to reset yourself, centering your thoughts back to what we call “Zero.”  This is where you can find some peace from the noise; a renewal of your intention to be a conscious creator.

Application of the Midzone Icon allows your non-physical portion some room to get through.  You are remembering how to meet your Higher Self in the middle of that symbolic “bridge” that connects the two of you.  This bridge is where the answers happen.

We hope that the Midzone Icon becomes part of your daily activities; at least until you don’t need it anymore!  For that time will come when you automatically re-center yourself if confronted with discordant distractions.  As you continue your housecleaning, you will encounter less and less noise, and fewer and fewer rampant thoughts.  Soon, peace will prevail.

It is truly exciting to see your dedication to your own self-expansion.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,


*Our first icon was the Whimsy Icon, and you can learn to create it here.