The Other Kind of UFO

"Nothing is ever really finished."

unfinished art

Earth Energy Report for Wednesday, April 28, 2021
by Flora, from the Manoamao Tribe, Andromeda

  • Number: 999
  • Color: Purple
  • Taste:  Wine
  • Smell:  Cider
  • Image:  Cornucopia
  • Stone: Ametrine

Reminder:  Nothing is ever really finished.


Do you have any UFO’s in your life?  Many people do!

Now we’re not talking about flying saucers here.  What we’re referring to is what many in the art world call Un-Finished Objects.  These are projects that you have started, but did not “finish.”

Let’s take a look at some examples of this type of UFO:

  • Uncompleted artwork
  • Half-written books
  • Poems written on envelopes
  • Half-built furniture
  • Disorganized journals

If so, are your UFOs stuffed away in a closet?  Or perhaps, they are laying around your environment, as “evidence” of your affliction with some Earthly attention disorder.

Well if either applies to you, we have some good news for you.

UFO projects are a gift.

Your human mind might be ready to challenge us on this.  You can probably list any number of reasons why your unfinished objects are representations of your ineptitude. Well, if you look for a list, you will certainly find one, since all possibilities exist.  Instead, let’s look at UFOs from a different angle.

As always, we’ll have you ask yourself a question:

Who decides what “finished” is?

You may internally review who on Earth is deciding such standards for you, and challenge old beliefs in this area.  Perfect.  This is an excellent time to reinforce your new beliefs about your inherent power. Now let’s keep going.

Since your soul is expanding on all levels at once, we’ll also consider a deeper question:

Who is deciding that this object is “unfinished”?

Now these questions are placed here to unlock some latent knowledge that the Earthly You has simply forgotten:

There are many versions of You.

The version of You that stopped work on that object, considered it finished at that moment.  That’s why creation stopped.

You may be looking at a half-painted canvas, and disagree with that.  “I ran out of time,” you may say.  “That’s why I stopped creating it.

And this may have been true at the human level of awareness, the one that believes in the constructs of Time.  Yet the rest of you is well aware that everything is happening at once; your version of Time has no relevance at higher levels.

So why are these UFO’s still in your current environment?  Must they all be finished according to your original plan?

Absolutely not.

Consider that they are there to serve a different purpose; one that may include—or may diverge from—your original intention.

They all start with an idea.

Now much like trees, ideas sprout their own branches. These branches may go off in many directions.

Some you pay attention to, others you don’t.  Still, all branches are attached to the tree, your original idea.  And while you may believe that you had set your projects aside in a cabinet and forgotten about them, they actually continued to grow on their own.

Inherent in any project’s existence is a multitude of possibilities awaiting discovery. For you see, that branch can also sprout smaller branches.

For instance, you could finish the piece according to your original plan.  In addition, you might find an alternate use for it now that you view your world differently.  You could use it as a building block for something completely unrelated; something that was never on your radar the first time around.

If you have a UFO nearby, reconnect with it. Pick it up, feel it.  There is energy infused in it; created by another version of You, through the inspiration and vitality of their moment.   Ask it where it would like to be in the world as you see it now.

You might redefine what “finished” is for you.  By doing this, you are learning to challenge your associations, your definitions, and your ability to alter perspectives about anything in your life.

So why are UFO’s a gift?

While you are learning on all levels simultaneously, you are also creating on all levels simultaneously.

As we said, higher levels of yourself operate irrespective of linear time, and so it is quite easy to place an artifact—whether you consider it completed or not—into your environment for the purpose of further creation.  This can be done from your “past,” if you are considering a physical object that you unearth from your closet; or from the “future,” alluding to the concept that you were channeling a higher perspective while you were creating it.

UFOs are a great indication that other versions of Yourself, existing on alternate timelines, are aware of you. They want to take part in the co-creating of your current experience!  It’s a beautiful, collaborative journey of inclusivity.

So now that you remember this, how will you incorporate these creations into your current world?  We can’t wait to see how your ideas will grow!

My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,


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