The Lost Language of Hormones

You are rediscovering artifacts of communication.

collage of purple flowers

As your consciousness expands, you will notice that things that used to seem outlandish, or impossible, are not as far out of reach as you thought they were. 

The fact that you can hear with your nose might not seem all that strange when you realize that you are reading your fellow humans as you smell their essence when they walk by. 

Are they not speaking to you with this fragrance?  For they chose to wear it, based on their habits and behavior.  So, they are explaining a little bit about themselves to you with that scent. 

Scents are a physical representation of the language of hormones.

Now we could get saucy in our discussion about hormones, since most of you that are reading this are currently adults; and you know what the scent of a tantalizing potential mate can do to you.  So again, you are already practicing this recognition of hormones among your human kind; it’s not a stretch.

Well, plants speak with hormones as well…and often it’s just as saucy. 

Humans have been conversing in hormonal language for quite a while; you tap into your very old Bank of Symbols often regarding whether a scent is pleasant, or unpleasant. You rarely question where that association first originated, but you take it as part of your reality nonetheless.

Most of these associations are unconscious. Since you have initially limited your reality to what’s presented to your physical senses in your dense Earthly environment, you use your nose quite often.  It is second nature for you to smell, without consciously making the attempt to do so, just the same as you breathe.

Your Bank of Symbols contains associations regarding plant hormones as well, but those have largely remained latent in most of you, until you get some things—such as survival concerns and shame—out of the way.  Now that you have some room to explore your world safely, you are remembering a lost language, so to speak.

And just as your nose can recognize the smell of a rose as you walk past it, you will soon begin to read deeper into that scent, and determine how that rose is feeling at the time.

Through its scent, the rose transmits its state of being and its history in the hormones it exudes.  It chats with the other flowers sharing its roots, as well as with those nearby; and it is happy to chat with you.  After all, you put it there to experience!

Here’s a quick way to start decoding the hormonal language of plants:

The next time you walk past a bush with flowers in it, stop to smell a fresh flower, that has just bloomed.  

Then, on the same plant if possible, find a flower that has begun to brown, or wilt.  Smell that too. 

You will find that the scents will differ, based on many factors, such as its place in its current life cycle expression.

You, humans, also speak this language with your hormones; and other humans —and plants!—can detect it just as if they stopped to smell you like a flower!

And this is important to recognize; because in order to move yourself to the next plane, you must connect and interact with your plants, animals, and minerals.

These connections advance your state of “oneness” and help raise everyone’s frequency to the next level of existence.

Everything is a mirror of you.  Everything that is in your landscape—both internal and external—is a part of you.
You draw on their energy, and they on yours.  And together, you integrate…and your Universe expands. 

So again, let’s continue with our physical “action plan” by having you move your body in symbolic representation of your transition to the next plane.  

Do you have a plant or animal nearby to appreciate?  Please do so; or remember a beloved passed pet, and send good intentions their way.  This raises your frequency. 

If you recall, the last time you faced North, and then stepped to the left, turning 45° to the East.  We’d like you to do this again, for practice.  Take note of the differences you felt between facing North and facing Northeast.

We are going to do this exercise again, except this time, we are going to divide that 45° in half; you will only be turning to the East by 22 1/2°.   

So let’s point North once more.  

Then, take a step to the left, and turn yourself 22 1/2° to the East.

How do you feel?

Make sure to take some breaths as you face in this direction. 
Appreciate the environment that you see in front of you.

The next plane over is oscillating at 22 1/2° North Northeast to your current plane.

Take some time here, and notice the differences between the two positions.  For this symbolic process helps you notice energetic variances between your often disconnected, denser physical plane, and the more widely-connected next plane over.  

This next plane is the sum of You, plus everything that you can see, hear, taste, smell and touch and feel, in your world.

We hope that this excites you.  We are glad to feel you here.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,