The Human Prism

"Awakening is a process."

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Earth Energy Report for Friday, June 11, 2021
by Flora, from the Manoamao Tribe, Andromeda

Reminder:   Awakening is a process.



This is a time of respite for you.  As we’ve been working on the transitional process from a dense plane to a much lighter one, your bodies may be going through some changes.

Symbolically, you are replacing your carbon-based form with a crystalline-based form.  Essentially, you are turning into a prism!

Your body may be asking for sleep, or silence; or you may feel like shutting out the external noise.  In a way, it might feel like you’re separating yourself, rather than integrating.  In an externally-focused world, you could look like the hermit to others as you withdraw your attention from them, and towards yourself.  We promise you, the integration is still happening, albeit from a different perspective.  Don’t expect you friends and family to understand, for this is an internal project.  And you are right on time!

When you do feel like opening up to the higher portions of Yourself, practice your symbolic transition into the next plane over; and note how each position makes you feel.

Rest!  Eat colorful foods!  Drink lots of water. Practice kindness.

Laugh as much as possible, and we will send another transmission soon. 


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,



Collective Activity
Settling waters
Rowing downstream
Shutting out noise

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