The Fastest Way To Set Yourself Free

"Every event is placed here on purpose."

row of light bulbs

Earth Energy Report for Saturday, April 24, 2021
by Flora, from the Manoamao Tribe, Andromeda

  • Number: 44
  • Color:  Yellow
  • Taste:  Tart
  • Smell:  Ozone
  • Image:  Light Bulb
  • Stone:  Smoky Quartz

Reminder:  Every event is placed here on purpose.


One of the biggest challenges in the release of tethers to your fourth dimensional world, is your belief that the physical environment around you is objective.

In other words, you believe that all of those physical things existed before you came along, and will exist in the same form after you die.

This belief manifests itself into “facts” in many ways:

  • That things are separate FROM you.
  • That things are done TO you.
  • That things exist WITHOUT you.

If you decide to challenge these “facts” to a spiritual duel, then you will address some of humanity’s most basic core assumptions.  And doing so will literally set you free.

Redesigning these ideas to correlate with the most authentic, newest version of yourself is a worthy use of your energy, in our opinion.  It will accelerate your awakening process by helping you allow in the fun stuff:

Encountering your desires, made physical.

So.  How do we face these beliefs head on, always with the intention that everyone will benefit from the new viewpoint?

You must challenge that objective view.

Now your movies and games have already paved the way for this.  You’ve been presented with many alternate imaginative worlds in which to visit.  You think that you are just enjoying some fantasy entertainment, and that those worlds don’t really exist.

Of course they do, in a Universe in which Thoughts Create.  It isn’t that some thoughts create, and others don’t.  All thoughts create.  If someone thought of it, it exists now.

Yet those worlds made their way to your screen in just the exact moment to help you move yourself along in the evolutionary journey.  If you want to set yourself free, then you must dig deeper into the event than just viewing the surface appearance.  You must ask it why it showed up.

“Why was I interested in watching this movie, or playing this game, at this particular time?”

You will find out that somewhere, lodged within the event itself, are solutions to a question you’ve been asking lately.

Such synchronicities are happening all of the time, you know.  Every event has been placed there for your learning, and awaits your line of questioning to activate those solutions.  You focus on it, and it reveals itself to you.

Life is your thoughts, projected into form.

Next time you encounter an obstacle, consider the relevance it has to some theme you’ve been exploring.  When you arrive on the particular area, recognize that more information has just come to you through that event.  If it feels negative to you, then turn that spotlight on it.  There’s extra information waiting for you.

Rather than freaking out, use a reminder:

“Remember?  I put this here.  Why?”

Knowing that everything comes to you for a reason also allows you to input your opinion in the matter:  “I would like to see things happen easier.  I can learn just the same, thank you very much.”

Soon, you will do this for all events, and it will be quite easy for you to drop the belief that your outside world is objective.

You will see the subjectivity of ALL of  it, and learn to appreciate that everything is moving you along in the exploration of your Earthly themes.

How can you have more fun with that knowledge?  We suggest that you take some time to love the plants and animals that you’ve invited into your world.  Interacting with consciousness that already considers itself free will move you to the path of least resistance.  This sets you up for adventurous, advantageous creational possibilities and allows you to relax into the receiving of your desires.

And that’s how you set yourself free.

My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,



Collective Activity
Accepting responsibility
Inquisitive nature
Opening to new ideas

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