Stretching Your Fiery Souls to Change

Life is change, unfolding.

falling stars

Did you know that Humanity is lauded across the Universe for its dedication to expansion?  

You, fiery souls, chose human incarnations to experience what it is like to affect change.  This applies to the internal expansion of consciousness, as well as the external result of that expansion.  You live for change!  Now perhaps you look at the news, and you may see many people who appear to be fighting transformation tooth and nail, in your terms.

And we will tell you that those souls fighting to keep things the same are just as fiery as those who outwardly push for reform.  You need these actors! They provide you with the springboard for new inventions, new collaborations, and new outlooks that benefit all.  And we will tell you that they are actually your friends in disguise.

So what’s in store for you?

Expect these next few months to promise some change for you.  With your pandemic initiating the reorganization of resources, the refocus on the Self and what is truly important, humans will emerge even fierier. You want to see the physical world demonstrate the changes that occurred internally during your period of introspection.

What might this look like for you?

  • Immediate decisions are required without time for extended research.
  • The unexpected reappearance of those who you thought were “lost” from your life.
  • Judgment calls that challenge your hard-wired beliefs about who’s “right.”

The frequencies interacting with Earth at this time may gently nudge you towards engagement with these subjects, people, or situations.  It’s a bit of S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G  on your part, to visit both internal places, and external places, that maybe you’ve been avoiding. 

It doesn’t have to be difficult!  It’s possible that the reason that you’ve been avoiding these things is because you can’t see any other angle than your own regarding them.  Now is the time to consider how others may be seeing that thing, and remember that their opinion is just as valid as yours.

You, fiery souls, are all wanting love. You all want peace, even if it doesn’t look like it “out there.” 

There are many ways to communicate one’s desires.  Some people beg.  Some people scream.  Some people dance, make art, or share their opinions in written form.  The fact that there is any communication going on at all is a very good thing.  It allows you the opportunity to see how others view their worlds.  The words they choose, the colors they use, and the feeling behind their voices as they express themselves are unique because they are communicating from within their own personal Universe.

Simply put: None of you are sharing One World.
Everyone exists in their own version of reality, and all of them are valid. 

When you can look at any person, situation, or subject with this remembrance, then fighting is pointless.  What does work, is allowing everyone their viewpoints, while you freely express yours. 

So consent to some stretching today.  The decisions may be quick, or unexpected.  Aim for goodness, for solutions that benefit everyone, and for knowing that you are perfectly capable of initiating positive change in YOUR world.  It starts by making peace with everything and everyone in it.

The New Earth that so many of you are craving is built through collaboration between souls with varied opinions.  None of you really wanted to do it alone, anyway.

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My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,