What Small Talk Really Is

"We have more in common than we think."


It will be hardly a surprise to any of you when I point out that humans want to belong to something.  They want to fit in somewhere, even if it is with a group of what you consider misfits.

It will also be of no surprise when I say, that most of you believe that you must be similar to the others in the group you’re belonging to. Otherwise, why would you gather?  You might think there would be nothing to discuss, other than what you call “small talk.”

On Earth, small talk is the least common denominator for shared ground.

It’s what you do when you feel awkward, with people you may never see again, such as when you are stuck in line somewhere.

Yet humans still see the need to talk, even if it is with a stranger. This is integration, going on in the background, by the way.

And for those who shy away from small talk?

Check your beliefs on equality.  Is there the certainty that you and Others have nothing in common?

If you assert that you and some “Other” have nothing in common, then you are believing in a false premise.

  • You are both human.
  • You share the same air.
  • You both feel.
  • You both want love.
  • You both want to see things better.

Just a few for the nay-sayers.

Ask yourself: Am I assuming that this person and I have nothing in common?

If so, pick one common denominator.  All you need is one.

Speak from there.  Yes, that may be scary, your recognizing the divinity in another right off the bat. It will change every word that leaves your mouth, as well as the energy that surrounds you.

That dynamic push-pull desire to connect with others is you, expanding.  Souls choose Earth for its grand propensity for rapid growth through relationships.

You may find that what starts out as small talk becomes a conversation centering around something much deeper, more satisfying.  Give yourself, and others, the chance to show you just how similar to you they really are.

If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be showing up in your life.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,