Preparing to Move Over To The Next Plane

"I give everything my own meaning."

man jumping in air

Today we introduce a concept that may help you recognize the difference between two planes of existence that Humanity is currently straddling.  

This information will be introduced in increments, so as to give you some time to activate remembrance in your consciousness. These two planes of existence that we are referring to differ in frequency.  We think that you will understand exactly what we mean when we use familiar terms to describe these planes.  Please take a moment to read the following carefully:

The Old World plane.

The New Earth plane.

Now while reading the above two descriptions, you might have felt some feelings.  Perhaps one feeling was heaviness, and the other a bit lighter.  Such feelings might vary in tone and intensity among individuals, depending on how one characterizes the concepts of “Old” and “New.”

Our emphasis here is that the two feelings felt different from one another.  

This is important because you are going to learn—though your feelings—how to determine on which plane you are currently focusing; and how to shift your focus to the plane you prefer, if you have digressed.

Let’s talk once again about beliefs.

Generally speaking, your collective shares some beliefs about “Old things”.

They can be:

  • Useless
  • Vulnerable
  • Outdated
  • Replaceable
  • Rare

And about “New things”:

  • Improvement
  • Young
  • Addition
  • Replacement
  • Rare

Now none of these are likely a surprise to you; yet did you notice that, ironically, the word “rare” shows up associated with both “Old” and “New”?

Here is where perceptions can differ widely, or not at all.  What is useless to one person, can be a huge improvement for another.  What is outdated for one person can be a perfect new replacement for something, to someone else.

Yet rare…is rare.
Meaning that it doesn’t happen very often.

So with these two planes in mind, we want you to consider what you believe is “rare” on each of them.

For instance:

In the Old World, hand-drawn manuscripts are rare.
In a New Earth, violent outbreaks are rare.

So what is “rare” for you?  Review your association with this concept in each category, from within your current reality.

Now why are we asking you to do this?  Because when you review your associations about anything, you may discover unconscious beliefs that lie just beneath your conscious awareness, running your show.

If you recall, we would love for you to be running your show, and consciously!…for as many moments as you can.

We see that many individuals are often straddling the two planes; completely unaware that they are creating new things from an old viewpoint.

So defining your viewpoint will help you identify, through feeling, which plane you’re on.  Your awareness of these associations allows you to create your dreams with the cleanest possible “building blocks” available to you.

And, since we are feeling playful and enigmatic, we will leave you with that.  Contemplate “rare,” please, and we’ll carry on in the next transmission.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,