Preparing to Cheat Death

"All bodies are heavenly."

lunar eclipse

Have you ever wondered why you love your heavenly bodies so much?  We’re talking about your planets here.

As always, we ask questions in order to get your evolutionary gears moving.  And as we said, we love a good mystery; so we craft these questions to offer you multiple options for self-discovery.   You can look at the concept of “heavenly bodies” from many different angles.  One angle, that many of you avoid thinking about, is death.

You are preparing to move your consciousness onto the next plane while still maintaining a physical vehicle. You are preparing to cheat death.

So now is a great moment to consider this concept:

Your physical vehicles, as well as those planets and moons that appear so distant?  All are symbols for associations you are currently exploring in this incarnation.  Your “heavenly bodies” are symbolic ones, both on the microcosmic and on the macrocosmic levels.

With every lunar eclipse, humanity has the chance to explore heavenly bodies as symbols for opportunity.

Eclipses and other planetary events function like repeated markers of significance in your history; countless sky-watchers have been reporting their perspective of these events from their particular location in space and time, which in your terms, goes very far back.  You have absorbed their observations, their opinions, and their beliefs about this significance.

Such events give you the chance to start and finish cycles.  The calendar, another great symbol of opportunity, helps you to define these cycles, and to give yourself periods of thrust, and of rest.

Today, the moon moved into the Earth’s shadow.
Eclipses represent the hiding of something.
And then….re-emergence!

It’s a cosmic game of peek-a-boo; and what beautiful creations this symbolic scenario inspires!

Humans, you also are playing an emblematic game of peek-a-boo with your Higher Selves.  Of course, the larger part of You can see where you are hiding from above the game board, but no matter; the fun is in your enjoyment of the discovery process.

Today, we would like to pose another question about heavenly bodies:

“What does cheating death mean to you?”

While you’re stewing over this question, let’s do another physical exercise to prepare you for doing just that, because:

You are learning to cheat death.

If you recall from a recent transmission, we asked you to stand up and face North.  Then, we asked you to step to the left, and turn 90 degrees East.  By doing this, you are accessing energy from different directions, and you might detect that feelings when pointing in one direction are distinctly different than when you are pointing in the other.

Today, we’d like you to stand up and point North again.  Then, take a step to the left, but only turn 45 degrees towards the East, so that you are now pointing Northeast.  Consider how you feel when pointing in this direction.

Practice feeling the difference in energetic properties between these directions, and we will discuss dispensing with linear time in the next transmission.

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My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,