Opening Up The Dialogue With Plants

"My abilities are also multidimensional."

beams in forest

Are you prepared for learning to hear plants?

We are certainly excited to help you exercise this expansive ability!  Its remembrance will open up new avenues of communication for you, in many areas of your life.  This reactivation process does require some practice; so we are providing you with guidance in smaller transmissions.

In the last transmission, we asked you to find a plant with some fragrance.

We hope that you were able to do that.  If not, there are other ways to practice this with things you may have in your home at this moment.  They will at least get you started, but again, in order to fully participate in the conversation, it is better if your dialogue partner is living!  We know that many of you love to speak to those on “the other side,” so consider any substitution below as a similar symbolic practice:

  • Essential Oils
  • A fresh orange peel
  • Bunches of herbs (cilantro, rosemary, oregano)

Now once you’ve chosen your conversational counterpart, we’d like you to sit at a table with it in front of you, if possible.  If it is outside, then stand in front of the plant.

Appreciate it for its contribution to your expansion, for your two varied consciousnesses are co-creating in this very moment! You’ve already been talking, by the way.  You’re just going to do it consciously here.

Sitting back in your chair, or perhaps on the ground if it’s possible, take a few deep breaths to clear out your field.  If you are not familiar with this process, here is a way to do this:

Imagine a white beam of light coming down from above, encasing you in a cylindrical pillar, and then heading into the ground.

It’s like a heavenly spotlight!

While you are engulfed in this white light, scan your body. Pay special attention to the solar plexus area, just under your rib cage.  This is where doubts love to hide!  If you feel any tightness, or see an obstruction of the white light bathing you, this is a symbolic and gentle message that you have some blocked energy.

You can tidy these areas up!  Deep breaths are key here, for although you know that breaths help your physical vehicle clear out toxins, breaths also benefit you on higher levels. They are a symbolic representation of your openness to new things.

Deep breaths refresh your soul.

Did you know that?

We would like you to keep breathing until you feel that your body has merged with the light.  You may not know where your body ends and the light begins.  This is a peaceful place.

Now let’s have some fun while we’re fully relaxed and connected.

With eyes open or closed, take a good long inhale of your plant.

You will most likely smell the familiar fragrance that is commonly associated with that object.   For instance, most know what jasmine smells like and can identify it, even if they can’t see the plant.  Such associations are fine!

We want these inhales to be large because there is much more than the initial scent to get out of this experience.

With repeated inhales, the concentration of the scent will travel from your nose to the back of your throat.

As this happens, we want you to consider the fragrance as it takes that journey.  As it moves, it will divide itself up into layers; you can identify several fragrances at once.  You do this all the time, by the way, when you describe the various notes in your delicious wines.  You are using the same ability here!

Notice the different fragrances in each layer; but there is no need to label them unless those labels arise naturally.

So what are these layers saying?

That depends on your conversational partner, but since you’re just starting to solidify this friendship, we would like to leave you some time to practice with your plants the steps in today’s transmission:

  1. Send appreciation
  2. Engulf yourself in white light
  3. Large inhales of fragrance
  4. Follow the path from the nose to the throat
  5. Detect the layers of notes

You have made progress! Your focused attention on your plant partner has opened up further communication channels, and a deeper relationship is forming between you.

So next time, you will be prepared to start the translation!

My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,