Meeting Other Probable You’s

"There are many versions of me."

praying mantis on frog head
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Earth Energy Report for Saturday, April 18, 2021
by Flora, from the Manoamao Tribe, Andromeda

  • Number: 24
  • Color: Spring Green
  • Taste: Dill
  • Smell: Cut grass
  • Image: Praying Mantis
  • Stone: Aventurine

Reminder:  There are many versions of Me.



Today, the Larger part of You–the unlimited You–suggests silence.

Silence of the mind, silence in your surroundings, if possible.

Slow the thoughts down until they “throw in the towel,” as you say.  If a worrisome thought sneaks in, try playfulness to send it on its way.

“Oh, now, off with you dear.“

When you can sustain this state for a while, you will notice that dream events as well as what you call “memories” will rise up.

You may not be able to discern whether the event was in your dreams, or in your waking life.

Excellent.  You will soon learn that it doesn’t matter.

Stay here for as long as you can, recognizing the format of your events, through the feeling of them.  You are attracting other versions of yourself–those that made different choices than you did–and you’re all old friends.

Meet for as long as you desire, and when the event fades, leave the scene on a good note, just as you’d leave a friend with a fond goodbye.

Remember that the individual human that you consider “you,” is only one small part of the Larger You. You are working toward being conscious of them all.

What fun it will be to see them again!


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,



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