Learning to Sense Frequency

"There are no dead pixels in the Universe."

bee on purple flower

Earth Energy Report for Wednesday, April 21, 2021
by Flora, from the Manoamao Tribe, Andromeda

  • Number: 55
  • Color:  Multicolor
  • Taste: Honey
  • Smell: Pollen
  • Image: Flower
  • Stone: Jasper

Reminder:   There are no dead pixels in the Universe


Yesterday, the vessel Kimberly viewed her surroundings through the eyes of a honey bee.  Part of training as a cryptic is to learn compassion for all forms of consciousness, including plants, animals, and minerals on your Earth, and feel their sense frequency.

Now a bee’s view is definitely different than your human view.  Where you see things in different shapes, with boundaries such as human skin, the bee sees those shapes as varied frequency.

He senses the external world–that world outside of his physical eyes–as patterns of undulating energetic intensities.  You might consider it something similar to your aura, or heat maps, there on Earth.

From a bee’s perspective, nothing has a boundary. All of the energies have fuzzy edges that blend with each other.  And using your technological terms, there are no dead pixels.

So every space contains something, feel it with high sense frequency.

Since energy cannot “hide itself,” there isn’t any “not.” Energy never ceases to exist. Ever.  This includes your energy as well.

When your eyes view your physical surroundings, they look for boundaries to define things.  This is not a flaw.  It’s part of the Earthly construct; a collective assumption that supports the theme of separation.  It’s for your growth, and you chose it!

You intended to feel the contrast of separation in order to remember that it was only a collective assumption, rather than a fact.

Oh what adventures you can have as you rediscover this!

You, my friends, are also patterns of eternal energy.

You also blend with everything around you, and you also have no boundaries. So in actuality, the bee sees you more clearly than you see yourselves, with the physical eyes.

You can adopt the bee’s sense frequency anytime you like.  As you go about your day, take a few moments to relax your physical eyes, and unfocus them a bit.  Let the patterns emerge as you gently gaze upon the landscape.  You might see varying colors, perhaps interacting with each other. Your eyes are already equipped to register this energy, you know.  Just a little practice, and you’ll be able to view anything from that energetic perspective, and gain more insight to anything’s actual frequency.

You’ll soon see, with your new sense frequency, that believing in boundaries is pointless.

What better way to recall your true divine nature, than to interact with the varied consciousness that surrounds you in every pixel of your environment?  It’s you, in your truest form, and it’s available to you even while you’re incarnated in a human body.  We promise that you will connect more with anything that you view in this manner, so imagine what those connections can do for an adventurous soul.

Now go fly!


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,


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