Imagine a World That Loves You Back

"Love is a two-way street."

5 red roses

You are becoming proficient at wanting all of those around you to live in joy!

You are releasing the judgments, and sending love to strangers just as if they are family.  And indeed they are. It is very exciting for us to watch your loving intentions as they ripple outward, into the collective.

So let’s recognize your accomplishment, and then we will nudge you a little bit forward.  We have a question for you, as always:

Are you allowing in the loving intentions of others?

The reason that we ask is because frequency is a two-way exchange.  When you send energy out, more energy comes in to replace it.  As we’ve mentioned previously, there are no “dead pixels” in the Universe;  so every portion of existence is filled with something.

If you are in the habit of sending out love to everyone you meet, yet disregarding or downplaying acts of kindness made toward you, then you have closed off your two-way street in one direction.

So if you are not allowing in loving energy, then what kind of energy are you allowing in?  It all depends on what you believe that you deserve.

In imagining what you call New Earth, a fully harmonious world “out there” requires that you have a harmonious world “in here” first.  It always starts with the Self, and then projects outwards, as you know.

We want you to imagine a world in which you love everyone you encounter, that also that loves you in return.

Now love is much more expansive than your few definitions of it.  Other demonstrations of love on your plane can include respect, courtesy, and kindness…and it often masquerades as compromise.

Could you imagine yourself in a world where every person you meet treated you in such a manner?  That world exists, and we think you are going to like it very much.

Be open to all forms of love by allowing all those you encounter in your day to treat you with the respect that you deserve.

You will soon see this behavior in all that you meet, and you can relax a bit more into the dawning of your beautiful New Earth.  There are so many of us here waiting to meet, and love, you!

My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,