How To Maximize An Epiphany

"Information is free."

girl sitting in teacup

Many downloads are occurring in these times.

Downloads might appear to you in any number of ways.  Here are a few examples:

  • A new idea enters your mind, blooming into new exciting possibilities
  • You connect the dots between several previously unexplained concepts
  • You get a sudden burst of creativity that stops you in your tracks

When you feel one of these giant understandings coming along, you can consciously tune your frequency to maximize the positive impact of the message.

So in preparation for these good times, we want you to get your Whimsy Icon ready for action!

An icon, in these terms, is a visual image that you have prepared in your mind to help you rebalance your thoughts quickly, should they head in a non-serving direction. Icons will assist you in getting back on the track of joyous expansion.

The Whimsy Icon is used to bring levity to any situation.

  • To remind you to not take everything so seriously.
  • To remind you that all lessons can be learned with light-heartedness.
  • To remind you that you have many multidimensional friends.
  • To remind you that humor is everywhere if you look for it.


Creating a Whimsy Icon

We suggest going for goofy.  For fantastical.  For magical.  For silly.   You might use the Internet to find an image that makes you giggle whenever you see it. Something that reminds you that life isn’t all about struggle; there are plenty of examples of joy all around you.

Here are a few images to get you started:

funny images

Once you have an image in mind, we recommend that you print it or put it on your computer screen.  This will serve as a temporary reminder until the association has been established.  Look at it often, and giggle.

Now that you have your Whimsy Icon, start applying it when you feel new information coming in.

Perhaps you get a new business idea, or creative project.  When you feel your mind starting to bloom with possibilities, this is when you want to apply your Whimsy Icon.

View the chosen image in your mind, or on the screen if you prefer.  Interact with it, feel it, and let it do its thing.  Giggle! You will feel yourself breathe smoothly, and you may actually smile.

As you relax into the humor of things, your blooming idea will have the opportunity to show you any number of benevolent possibilities.  You see, you have prepared your energetic receiving mechanisms, by giving instructions to the Universe:  “I’m open to good things.”

But what if anxiety comes up?  Downloads can include so many unknowns!

If you do feel anxiety about incoming information, these thought patterns could be remnants from an older polarity-heavy  paradigm.  You can recognize that you’ve made changes, thank it for checking in on you, and apply your Whimsy Icon until thoughts turn positive.

Now one of the reasons we’re giving you this little trick is because your collective is sorting some things out.  You are here to help, of course.

The collective has the opportunity to recognize and release some Orion-related themes, such as:

  • The more intel you have, the safer you are
  • The more intel you have, the more at risk you are
  • The more intel you have, the more power you have
  • Trusting yourself with higher information
  • Saving others from oppressors

If you can activate any download from a point of levity, then anxiety related to such themes will be reknown from a higher perspective.  You will see any situation differently just after you’ve giggled.  We promise you this.

Since you were in a good place when it came in, you have processed this information with integrity and good intentions. In doing this, you also assist the collective in doing the same.

So practice with that Whimsy Icon! We’ll be using it for other things very soon, and we think that you’re going to love having it in your stash of tools.

Please know this:

There are many co-creators here, hoping that you’ll pick up on their transmissions.  We’d love to be a part of your Whimsy Icons, too.  So if you see repeated images of playful animals, joyous birds, or happy elementals, consider this a co-creative message from beyond.  They are our efforts to help you and the rest of the collective to release old habits, to point towards positivity, and to thrive.

May you giggle all day long.
We certainly do a lot of it over here.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,


by Flora, from the Manoamao Tribe, Andromeda


Note from Kimberly:  Flora is assisting with the creation of the online game Evolution144, which uses icons to activate positive thought patterns.  As of this writing, I’ve documented over 50 icons, and the number is still growing.  More will be published soon, but I’m told that they’ll be distributed via many avenues. So, yeah.  Sounds like a treasure hunt’s gonna happen.