How To Locate Your 5D Wings

"My body is a physical representation of current beliefs about myself."

Earth Energy Report for Friday, April 23, 2021
by Flora, from the Manoamao Tribe, Andromeda

  • Number: 6
  • Color: Wink (White with a tinge of pink)
  • Taste: Sugar
  • Smell: Cotton Candy
  • Image:  Feather
  • Stone:  Celestite

Reminder: My body is a physical representation of current beliefs about myself


You have all been working on yourselves with such positive intent!

When this happens, periods of rest are warranted to balance out your signature.  So today, let’s take a look at our physical bodies from a new perspective to bring a little bit of levity into your fields, develop your wings.

Here where I am, we can have bodies if we choose to, or we can express purely from the ethers.  I myself do have a body, which looks quite similar to humans in most ways…except for the tiny feathers on my face, that is. In fact, we helped to seed your human race; we are most reflected in what you call your South American Indians. We also live in tribes, as some of our progeny does on your planet.

Whenever you choose to express in a physical body, you’re doing so because you want to relate to others in form.

You might consider it an avatar, as has been depicted in many of your modern movies and games.

Now those in my tribe know that this physical expression is a representation of themselves, and so forming the avatar, as you would put it, is a fun challenge all in itself. We would like to help you view your physical bodies as extensions of the real You, rather than the only You that exists.

We see many people on Earth with what you would call bad posture.

Shoulders slumping, eyes facing the ground.  It’s almost as if you’re walking in a near-fetal position.  This analogy might bring up some feelings if you identify with that description.

The more you practice loving the physical portion of yourself, the better chances you have of representing yourself from your truest nature.  You’ll take better care of it, be prouder of it, and unlock many of its latent abilities.

So let’s take a look at posture, and apply a little 5D fun to your current form.

We want you to stand up in your normal posture in front of the mirror.  First, view yourself from the side. Perhaps you see those shoulders falling forward, or your hips pushing back; or you have a stomach that protrudes out in the front.

If you move straight to finding faults, then you have room to be more upright.  None of these identifications are flaws!  They are simply signals that there are parts of you that you don’t quite believe in yet.

Instead of focusing on your “faulty” areas, let’s give them a chance to leave on their own.

Let’s add 5D wings.

Yes, we said that!  You have ethereal wings and you can add them if you want to.  Here’s how:

Turn to face the mirror head on, and imagine where on your back your 5D wings would be attached.

You’ll sense a place, somewhere between the shoulder blades, that feels right.  And as you do, you’ll naturally pull back those shoulders in order to accommodate for your newfound appendages.  You will sense their presence!

Now remember, that 5D wings can be pretty darn large.  In fact, you may have to pull that pelvis forward in order to allow them to fall into their natural position down your back.

There is also some weight to them! You may want to engage your stomach in a natural way to activate your core.  You all know how your core is a key element in maintaining a healthy back.

Imagining your wings will help you stand more upright and walk more proudly; for wings are a thing of majesty.

Now wings on your planet have a number of magical connotations; so feel for any associations that bring you joy, and grin!

It could be freedom, or taking flight in new beginnings, or simply wondering what being a bird may feel like.  Use your imagination to create your own special feeling around your ethereal wings.  And remember:

Everyone else you see also has wings, whether they know it or not.  You can see them on anyone if you look, and you will always smile when you do.

As you progress through your day, revisit your 5D wings.  

Beyond retraining your posture, you’ll be opening yourself up to new possibilities, recognizing the divinity in others, and you will smile while doing it.  And we don’t even need to tell you how much better you’ll feel presenting a truer, more divine, physical part of You to your fellow humans.

We hope that you love your wings, and make them a part of your joyous day.  Consider them personal representations of how truly far you can fly.

My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,


Collective Activity
Positive Unpredictability
Open opportunity
Merging Physical + Ethereal

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