How to Hear Your Own Song

"Everything is made of Sound."

made of sound

You, my beautiful friends, are made of sound.

Do you wonder why you all love music so much?  Music is one of Earth’s great gifts, for it is the physical representation of energy at its most basic unit:  Sound.

You are a constantly-playing note, and you are forever retuning yourself, as you expand your awareness.

Now when creating a song, there are many notes to choose from. There are also many ways to play those notes. There is the length of each note to take into account.  Then there are the instruments that you use to play the notes!  So you can see that there are many elements to consider when composing any particular song.

Now since the song that is You is always playing, and never NOT playing, you may be interested in what your particular song “sounds” like, in terms of frequency.

Your collective has set up its symbolic value system to measure this, of course.  You might label the varying types of music as concordant or discordant.  Angry songs, or peaceful songs, perhaps.  Songs that make you remember, songs that make you cry, and songs that make you dance.

Now all of these labels are the result of self-imposed collective constructs; placed there so that you could experience contrast.  On higher levels, you know that all notes are concordant; even if the consciousness playing them isn’t aware of that truth.

There have been instances in your timeline’s history in which the collective created new music that changed its “future”  course.

Music that embodied the viewpoints of those playing it, listening to it, and even judging it.

Your Mozart was one such contributor.  Your Elvis, your Billie Holliday.  As of late, in your terms, the artists co-creating during your 1960s and 1970s began playing songs that sent a more loving message of inclusivity, freedom, and love.  By introducing songs that projected alternate, peaceful views, the livers of this theme set a tone that has been sounding nearly as strong as when it was first introduced into your linear history.

Every person that visits that tone, and finds peace and a sense of individuality there, adds their personal note to it.  As more people dip their toes into this always-modifying tone, they add further tones to the mix…

And now you have a chord.

This chord continues to play alongside any number of other chords.  Notes are added, subtracted, and altered on the scale to promote variety.  Some chord combinations cause “discord” in your society, which might appear as clashes, wars, or revolutions.  Others play well together, you might say, by enhancing each other; such as when your playlists fade the ending of one song into the beginning of another.  You have fluidity in those cases.

Now a good song will not just include a small range of notes.  You will have high notes, and you will have low notes.  No note is “bad” in this case simply because of its tone.  It is merely different from other tones, and it provides value and contrast in the song.

You are always free to choose which tones you interact with. By putting your focus on these tones, energies merge and they become part of your own, individual song.

Whether you play the music on a physical instrument or not, every one of you is a singer!

The concept of sound is being explored in many galactic instances in both your linear past—such as in the creation of your ancient pyramids—as well as in your linear future with the upward trend of sound healing for all sorts of Earthly ailments.  You will be amazed at the opportunities that focus on sound can provide for you.  The best place to start is by attending to the personal tones that you are sending out.

So how do you hear your own song, then?

You can play it for yourself!

And even if you believe that you have no musical ability, your Higher Self knows this to be an untruth.  With the intention to consciously create your song comes the tools to create it, if you will trust in the goodness of your Universe.

If you have access to a keyboard or an app on your phone or computer, you can allow yourself, in a relaxed state, to play notes that appeal to you.  If they sound concordant, then this is part of your song.  If they sound discordant, then ponder this, allowing that you are activating a possibly latent ability and allowing yourself room to explore.  With the relaxing into it, you will find yourself playing concordant notes more often than not.  And when this occurs, you will know which notes make your chords.

The combinations are endless, once you find your own scale.

So allow yourself some time to do this, whether it be on a real instrument, an electronic one, or using your own voice.  Once you find your own song, we have some exciting ideas for you on ways to use it to your benefit, to bring more concordant elements into your life.

Despite some of us lacking ears to hear your songs, we sense them just the same; through the vibration of your intent, through the strength of your desires, and in the selection of chords you choose to participate in.

And we would like to note that it’s all beautiful music.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,