How Animals Are Learning To Love Humans

All consciousness speaks the language of Energy.


Do you remember the last time you encountered a wild animal along your path through nature?

Now “wild” is another one of your loaded words, for it has been defined by many on your current timeline as unwieldy, unpredictable, untrustworthy.  Generally when there is an encounter with something “wild” involved, humans have come to expect the possibility of some inherent threat.

Let’s talk about animals on your planet, and then we’ll talk about some animals on our planet.

Since you are reactivating your imaginative abilities, let’s practice with a visualization.

We will be taking an imaginary walk through a tree-lined neighborhood.

Wear comfortable shoes, mind you, as you will be walking around the block twice in this neighborhood! And those walks will be from two very different frequencies.


The Scattered Walk

Imagine a time when you had felt a little bit overwhelmed, and you decided that a walk around the block might calm your nerves.  This is good!  You purposely made a choice to change the energy that surrounds you.  We would like you to view the world from that perspective during this first time around the block.

You close your devices down, and out you go.  As you first begin to walk, your thoughts may run around in your head.

Here, you are changing your external landscape, in hopes of changing your internal landscape.

Now as you turn the corner with your thoughts racing, you are a bit startled see a large skunk waddling across a lawn.  It has already detected you, of course, since it has well-enhanced receptors for such things.  It stands looking at you, and you at it.

In this moment, there is a lot going on energetically.  Let’s look at a few ideas:

  • You wonder if the skunk is a threat to your safety
  • You wonder if there is a way out
  • You wonder if there is some reason for encountering this skunk

Now these thoughts you are having may or may not arrive in your conscious awareness, but you are contemplating this encounter on many concurrent levels.

Here you are, facing an unknown.

It’s possible that you recall all available historical information about skunks, in preparation for making a decision about what to do next.

If you see the world as flowing with you, this unknown skunk may inspire curiosity, joy or warmth.
If you see the world as flowing against you, then you might perceive this unexpected visitor as a threat.

Now the skunk is also faced with an unknown.  Using his specific energetic receptors, he has measured your frequency; and based on that measurement, he has already determined whether or not you are a threat to him. He will react based on that data.

Let’s freeze this scene, and rewind ourselves back to your front door; we will take a second walk around the block.

This time, we would like you to go outside with the intention of giving something to your environment, instead of receiving from it.


The Collaborative Walk

When you visit nature with the intention to connect with it, rather than to have it heal you, you may experience a deeper knowledge, more long-lasting physical benefits, and a greater sense of peace about living among the many unknowns that your Earthly existence has to offer.

Here, you are changing your internal landscape, in hopes of changing your external landscape.

As you walk, find some flowers to appreciate.  Stop and look at their color, which, incidentally, is actually comprised of layers of color, one placed upon the next.  You can see them if you intend to do so.

Consider the shape of an interesting leaf, and wonder which soul, during which Now, thought it into existence.

By appreciating the landscape, you are sharing your particular version of Love with the flower, and with the leaf.  Your frequency now rises, as does that of the flower, and of the leaf.  Your conscious observation affects the frequency of the subject in ways that your scientists have already detected, and others that have yet to be discovered.  Many upcoming discoveries are related to sound.  You are getting there!

Now as you continue your walk, turn the corner and there again, is the skunk!

This animal stands ready, watching you.

Do you see him differently?

Now this answer will, again, depend on your world view, however at your raised frequency, your world view will also be affected.  Things may not seem all that threatening to you when you feel connected with your landscape.  Since all consciousness that you encounter is a part of you, this is understandable, no?

Now the skunk, with his ability to detect your energy even before you observe him, has also made his assessment.  He will recognize your higher frequency; and he will make a choice depending on his current experience with beings of this frequency.

The more he encounters humans that exhibit loving behavior, the more accustomed he will be to encountering them.  And the more he learns that you are not a threat.  Maybe you two even become friends.

Your appreciation of the wild skunk provides him with another option for positive human interaction.  This is the relationship that your indigenous peoples have had with Earth’s animals, and this ability is much sought after among the awakening community.

When you speak with your energy, then words, and even images, are not required for clear communication.

Now, as promised, about our animals.

We exist in a tribal setting, and it is a personal choice whether or not to eat animals, according to physical demands. Those that do eat meat are responsible for the caring of the animals that they will be eating.  We do not name our animals as you do, yet each has its distinguishable energy signature just as you do.  Relationships develop, naturally. Since there is cross-communication between tribal member and animal, the animal is aware of its purpose—that it will eventually become nourishment for its caretaker. This is an honor to both parties, and the relationships are much cherished.

You see, there are no secrets in a telempathic world.

We hope that you make many friends among the plant and animal world, for Earth has a beautiful mixture of magnificent creations to encounter.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,


by Flora, from the Manoamao Tribe, Andromeda