Happening Now: The Cold Index Finger

"Symbols are multidimensional"

index finger pointing

There is a lot of adventuresome finger-pointing going on in your world right now! How exciting it is to be watching your progress.

You may be a casual observer of the others pointing fingers.  This means that you are moving away from such behavior.  Yet if it is still in your experience, then there may be a bit of energy to release regarding such activities. Now is the time to help yourself, and humanity, release blockages in this area; and it can be fun if you want it to be! Did you know that your body is a magnificent communication mechanism for energetic activity?  Here’s an example of how it works:

Have you ever experienced a cold or numb index finger, while the rest of your hand remains normal?

You may wonder about circulation at first, of course, since this is a physical “cause” of these sensations. You wouldn’t be wrong, yet let’s look at the situation from another level.

Such sensations are your Larger Self’s efforts to get your attention, using elements from the physical plane; in this case, your finger:

“Do you feel something strange?  Good! Please wonder what that is.”

These messages are an appeal to recognize an “association.”

Associations, or multidimensionally-connected symbols, contain both literal and figurative elements.

You are a multidimensional being, experiencing life on many levels simultaneously.  You have a multidimensional Bank of Symbols that you—and all of your parallel selves—tap into.  You use these symbols as building blocks to create associations during the encounters and situations of daily life.  For instance, you may have a happy memory of your grandfather as he smoked his pipe while sitting in his favorite chair.  You have created an association between your grandfather, chairs, pipes, and the scent itself.

Since you often exchange your associations with other-selves, a parallel you living a different life may smell the scent of your grandfather’s pipe, and wonder why it gives them such a warm feeling.

So what kind of association might we have with a cold index finger?

Here is a popular one:  Finger pointing!  Let’s get this out and done with:

“If you are assigning fault to anything outside of you, then you believe that this thing has power over you.”

Now, no self-spanking, please.

This is understandable, for all around you are possibilities to find fault in another.  They are hidden everywhere; it’s part of the game!  So let’s investigate this association to get the most value from its appearance in your life.

In our index finger example, the figurative assigning of fault to something outside of yourself activated the “literal” finger that humans use to point at others.

Do you see how the symbols transcend levels by using both types of elements? Your subconscious guides your ship using these associations, so it’s a good thing to review them when they arise…otherwise, you’ll be running on autopilot and wonder why things aren’t changing in your life.

When you feel this sensation coming on, check out what you are thinking.

Was it kind?  If not, well now you know that there is some attention to give to certain areas of your life.

Once the internal inquiry begins, expect supporting evidence from past events or current circumstances to arise, offering insight into why this particular association is requesting an inspection. Is it an old one that could be let go?  Can you redefine it to point to positivity?  Is it fun, or is it boring?

And if you are one to point the finger at yourself and start to blame, remember that you are here to learn.  You cannot learn without a few challenges…and they need not be difficult.  A cold finger is a small price to pay! You can recognize your behavior, intend to make positive changes, and thank your Self for getting the message across to you in any way necessary.

You are learning…and we are learning from your learning.

We want you to remember that you are all a vital and integral part of this Earth experience.  We thank you, and your fingers, for helping us all to further expand our Universe.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,