Happening Now: Cold Flashes. Ciao Fear!

frozen soap bubble in winter

If you feel like someone just turned the temperature down inside your body, you are not alone.

Can’t warm up, now matter how many layers of clothes you put on?  It happens fast.  Just as many of us have felt hot flashes….this feels like a sudden Cold Flash.

Totally uncomfortable, I know.  For me, I especially feel it around the upper arms and shoulders.  Like, in the middle of a sleet storm wearing only a tank top kind of freezing.

You may also feel sensations in the root/sacral chakra areas too.  You know, down there. It could mimic excitement, urgency, curiosity, arousal.  Depending on how you feel about those things, you could feel some confusion about why your body is acting like that now, of all times.

Hooray!  You’ve recognized a new internal ritual that’s helping you recognize when you’re releasing fear.


So what are you in for, besides being cold?

Well the good news is that your cold flash probably won’t last long.  A couple of days at the most; for me, no longer than an hour is the standard.  Oh, and save yourself the anguish of equating the length of a cold flash with the amount of fear being released.  Those are human comparisons, and only apply if you choose to view the situation from the limited Earth perspective.

Please feel.

Get your feet on the floor.  Let it run out.  Drink something hot if it suits you, representing symbolic warmth.  Take a hot shower.  Wrap yourself in a fuzzy blanket and get some animal-love.

Feel into it, so that you can let it go once and for all. Your mind need not figure out which fear you’re releasing, either, unless you choose to go there.   That’s more human stuff for you.

Remember:  Your body is not really solid.  These seemingly-physical feelings are simply ideas you’re having.  As you examine your life, you’ll choose the ideas you want to live by.  And you will let go of those that no longer apply.


You are releasing old ideas, and allowing in new ones.

Into the ground those old ideas go through your feet. Then, imagine white light beaming down through your crown chakra at the top of your head, filling your body back up.  A symbolic representation of the release of heavy energy, and the replacement with new, loving energy.

Work with your body, and allow it to talk to you.  When you do, you are practicing your telepathic abilities.  Recognizing cues,  deciphering messages, activating codes.  Consider the clearing out of this fear as unclogging the pipes to accept more lucid communication from the Higher Self.  Oh, and you may find yourself craving tea.  Excellent idea.

Love to you.



author: Kimberly

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