Gear Up For Chatting With Plants

"Consciousness speaks in many tongues."

wild rose plants

Did you know that plants are big talkers?

There are conversations going on all around you, among inhabitants of the plant and animal worlds. In fact, it’s quite noisy! 

Your collective has evolved to a point where many of you are ready to take part in the conversation between different forms of consciousness on your planet. 

First, you will recall how to listen in on the discussions; and later, you’ll be able to join in.

The concept of “listening in on something” may bring up some old associations regarding privacy and security.  If it does, honor these messages.  They are letting you know that it’s fine to relax into your own power, to remember that no one is out to get you…not even Yourself.

There are few people on your Earth who aren’t moved by the presence of plants in their environment. 

Each of you is creating your own reality; one that originates from internal thoughts and culminates into projections of what you call your external physical landscape. Every human has some sort of plant representation within their reality.

As you recall that everything around you is consciousness, expressing in its own manner to serve all involved, you unlock multiple layers of symbolism that help to move you along on your evolutionary path.

Plants symbolize many things, of course, and your associations with them may differ greatly from another’s.  All are valid, and since they are in your environment, you have a right to explore why you put them there.

Beyond the plant world’s varied majesty of leaves and flowers, lies much more information.  

Our friends, the Pleiadians, call Earth the Living Library. 

For within the DNA of each of your species—whether that be plant, animal or mineral—lies all of the information of that consciousness’ various life ventures.  You might call them “past lives” if you were referring to a human, but you know that everything is occurring simultaneously; so this is a very loose analogy.

Just as you talk with friends about past memories, future dreams, and how you’re feeling in your Now, plants do the same in their own way.  And since you are in the process of integrating ALL of your various selves, it benefits you to learn where these plants have been.  Why?

Because those plants outside of your door are also other versions of Yourself.  

Do you see how diverse you are?  It almost seems silly to consider the small differences within human cultures and belief systems on your planet, when you have even more distant relatives to still invite into the fold.  

Connecting with plants may help you put a few of these limitations into perspective.  

This will require an open mind, a loosening of your assumptions about how bodies (both human and plant) function, and an acknowledgment of latent abilities awaiting re-activation in your human vehicle.

In preparation for your plant “eavesdropping” session, we would like you to locate a plant that, if possible, has a fragrance.  

It could be in your home, or outside on the sidewalk; or perhaps you are lucky to have one growing in your yard.  The plant should be growing in soil, rather than cut from its roots; for in the case of a bouquet of flowers, for instance, the life force has already been disrupted by the cutting.

Why is fragrance necessary?  

Because you will initially listen to plants using your nose!

Explore your environment, and allow your Higher Self to guide you to a “noisy” plant.  You will be directed to the loudest talker, which will be easier to hear when you are just starting out.  Use your feelings rather than logic, because we are sure you know by now, logic is going out of fashion in most areas of your multidimensional life.

When you have found your plant, spend a few minutes viewing it.  If you are outside, don’t worry about your neighbors!  Their Higher Selves know exactly what you’re doing, and they will give you your space. So enjoy the moment.

We will pick up in the next transmission on how to begin the connection.  This will give you some time to get to know your new friend!

My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,