Every Moment Resets Itself

"I need not have a history, nor a predicted future."

the number zero

Perhaps you’ve noticed that things are happening much more rapidly than in previous times.  You think something and whoop!  There it is. 

This is you, getting closer and closer to instant manifestation, which is your natural state of operation.

This means that your awakening process can accelerate to the extent that your beliefs will allow.  There is no longer a delay, that drag in between your discovery of a “knowing,” and the evidence of it showing up in your physical world.

As time collapses, you will depend less on your calendars and your clocks, and more on your current focused awareness in the moment. 

In other words, your thoughts will steady themselves to look at what IS in your Now.  You will begin to make decisions from there.

This, again, is good news!

For with this collapse down to moments, you have the opportunity to recognize the abundance all around you; and when you do, then “lack” has no place in your conscious awareness.  So abundance it is, my friends!

One “knowing” that many humans are encountering at this time is the idea that every single moment resets itself.  In other words, you are a brand new person, with no history and no predicted future, unless you choose to have them.  It need not be.

Making decisions from a state of newness restores your true power as the creator of your own reality.  

There is no need for stories unless you prefer to experience life that way.  If they bore you, you can simply drop them and start in the next moment from Zero, as we call it.

You are a new person in every moment.  How can you use this to your benefit?

Along with that question, we will give you a little bit of homework in preparation for moving you to the next plane whenever you choose.  We would like you to stand up, and face North.  Then, step to the left and turn 90 degrees simultaneously.  You will now be facing East.  How is your view different?  Do you feel the same as you did while pointing North?

Try this several times throughout your day, noting how you feel when pointing North, and then when pointing East.  And we will continue on in the next transmission.

My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,