Easter Rising: May the White Rabbit Lead You Well

unconditional love no matter what someone looks like

Whether you celebrate within an organized religion or not, Easter celebrations still abound with a sense of community, acceptance of what is, and the potential to exhibit unconditional love.

Today, Lightworker, follow the rabbit (whether you call him the Easter Bunny or a messenger) and focus on unconditional love for all that you meet in your path.  It’s a day of rising, of New Beginnings, and rebirth. I just used sage to cleanse my entire home, and it feels lighter, like spring can now actually enter my consciousness and allow new opportunities to enter where there was staleness before.

Plus, it’s April Fool’s Day  –  so seek to also maintain levity throughout your day.

You are creating your world.  Live Your Creation today. Something new is beginning.


Earth Energy:






3 (catalyst)

1000 (new spiritual cycle)



author: Kimberly

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