The Judgment, Un-Judgment, and Non-Judgment Trilogy

"Assumptions limit possibilities."

As your collective matures, so to speak, the focus will transcend what’s going on “out there,” about who is to blame, what needs to be changed, and what’s going wrong, to more inclusive behavior.

The focus will move to the Self.  The remembrance that the Self is the creator of what shows up “out there” shifts the responsibility back to where the intention originated. Examination of thoughts will become an imperative practice, since you know that they materialize into physical form. During one of these active thought examination periods, consider reviewing your judgment mechanism.

What we are talking about here are the thoughts that cross your mind as you encounter something; whether that be in your physical external environment, or within your inner landscape.

Humans are very good at judging things. In fact, some people in your world are paid very well to do it!

Because your sense functions are so limited, you have limited criteria to consider when it comes to putting something in a category.  You might deem something dangerous or safe.  Beautiful or ugly.  Annoying or fun. Progressive or regressive.

You make these judgments based on what your senses show you, plus that intuitive element inside of you, when you use that available tool.  Often, due to the lack of valid information coming through your senses, you will look “out there”—to the Internet, to product reviews, to friends’ opinions—to arrive upon a judgment about something.

As your focus turns inward, you will encounter some opportunities to revisit how you categorize everything you interact with.  We call it a trilogy, as one viewpoint will replace another as your consciousness expands:





This process will apply to both judgment of others, as well as of the Self.

So what does this trilogy look like in normal daily practice, and where are you in the process?

Well, judgment is just that.

You might pass someone on the street, and based on previous associations, put them in a category without any new communication from your senses.  A great example of this is a human that appears to be homeless.

You may see a person on your street, and automatically make assumptions about them.  Depending on the amount of societal programming you’ve allowed to take hold, you probably have an opinion about someone sitting on your sidewalk asking for money.

Maybe it is an annoyance, sympathy, or pity.  Maybe you wonder what that person’s story is, how they got there; and so you go off in thought, defining that person without ever exchanging a word with them.

Are you are using old data to judge a new thing being presented to you?

If you stripped that person’s tattered clothes, and he had a bath and a new outfit, would you be so quick to assume that he is homeless?  And have you ever seen a person in tattered clothing that wasn’t homeless?  Many designers make good money producing clothes that emulate this!

This is why feeling must prevail over assumptions, over conditioning, over actions, over what your eyes see and what your ears hear.

When you recognize this concept, you will desire to move towards Un-Judgment.

Un-Judgment is an intermediary step in the process.  It helps you undo the conditioning by recognizing when you’ve just judged someone.

“Did I just assume that this person is homeless?  Do I really know?”

Because, dear friends, there are many, many guides on your planet that are fully in knowledge of their divinity, who will wear any costume to help you expand.  In fact, from our perspective, such people are master actors, for the best performers will activate all of the human senses.  You can see them, hear them, smell them sometimes—all opportunities for you to determine how you feel about the person being shown to you in that moment.

If you notice that you’ve dealt out a judgment, you can Un-Judge them.  

“I don’t have all of the information, so why make any conclusions?”

You will probably get quite good at Un-Judging people, in the recognition that you were judging in the first place.  This is when the final part of the trilogy kicks in:  Non-Judgment.

Non-Judgment will happen naturally, since you have been consciously recognizing your behavior and setting intentions to change it.

When you are in Non-Judgment mode, all humans are viewed at the same level of equality.  There are none above in stature, and none below.  You see that person as a valid creator, having a particular experience, just as you are, and you see no need to attach any labels beyond that.

This, my friends, includes You.

For from our perspective, your most lethal judgments are dealt out to the Self on any given day.  As you integrate, pay attention to your self-judgments, and intend your thoughts towards Un-Judgment, and ultimately, toward Non-Judgment.

Your world is progressing very nicely in this area, by the way.  You can see evidence of this anywhere you look, with inclusion being top of mind for your new leaders.  Earth is currently in the Un-Judging stage of this trilogy, and every time you focus on removing your judgments from a situation, you are increasing the potential for the collective to do the same.

We are excited to see what humanity will do as you experience this trilogy.  Maybe we’ll just show up and see for ourselves sometime soon.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,