Dispensing With Linear Time

"Time is an idea, just like everything else."

clock with x over it

When your awakened community discusses the path to ascension, or the waking up to your true divinity,  it’s generally described as a future occurrence; as somewhere you need to get to.

We would like to say something directly to you about this:

You are already there.

Now despite this being direct, it probably isn’t new at all, considering that more of you are adopting the remembrance that all moments are simultaneous.  Still, you may wonder why, in your Now, you don’t feel “ascended” yet.  Here is one reason why:

While experiencing your human incarnations, you’ve chosen to agree with the construct of linear time; events happening in succession like frames on a filmstrip. 

This viewpoint is built into Earth’s game board, so to speak.  But it is by no means a requirement for playing on the board.

If you want to try playing the other way, then we want you to know that linear time is merely a habit, which you can drop whenever you like.

“Well,” you may say, “How do we get the rest of the world to dispense with linear time?  Everyone else seems to be playing on the board using clocks, calendars, and appointments.”

Well, you don’t need everyone playing with the same rules.  In fact, you will encounter more joyous learning experiences if there still remain some people who run their lives by the clock.  As usual, this contrast allows you to make a choice about who you want to be in any moment; it also serves Others by showing the unique way you’re playing this Earthly game.

So now that you know that the rest of the world need not be on board, how do you dispense with linear time in your own reality?

You focus on NOW.

Your awareness will be in the current moment, in the present.  Whatever you are thinking about, you are aware that you are thinking about it. The subject of those thoughts could be about events you’ve labeled as “past”, or “present” or “future;” but in all cases, you are thinking about all of them in the Now.

You are conscious of the knowledge that all events are simultaneous.

When you do this, you will naturally abandon old associations with days of the week; those Fridays you previously craved will be equal to those Mondays you once dreaded.  Then, perhaps no days at all.  Sleep cycles may change, feeding cycles may update themselves, and quite possibly outside of society’s designated standards of behavior.  

Your life becomes more fluid as you finally go with your flow.  You will plan less.  You will be more spontaneous.  You will choose your highest joy more often as your most desired experience and then follow it. 

Making conscious decisions in the Now empowers you to develop trust IN yourself, BY your self, and ABOUT yourself.

You are never stuck waiting for the next hour, the next day, or the next year for anything, because none of those concepts provide guarantees that something will happen.  Your focused thoughts on things from a place of no resistance is your guarantee that something will happen.  So why add that extra timestamp requirement, unless you want to experience it?

Here’s another piece of information for you, from humanity’s Bank of Symbols:

Calendars and clocks are symbolic representations of humanity’s fear of making mistakes.

Missed appointments? Forgotten anniversaries? What a beautiful theme to explore!  Someone seemingly outside of you has set a standard that you must adhere to.  This is how mistakes were born into your world of polarity, by not meeting those standards in some way!  Yet the fear of making a wrong choice—of bringing yourself further out of line with that idealized standard—can stalemate your creational power if it goes unexamined…often resulting in the avoidance of making a decision.  That would be you, resisting your own expansion.

So if you are continuously worried about making a mistake—that some decision will send you further away from your desired goal rather than closer to it—then you are exploring the concept of making creational mistakes.

Here is a little message that may activate something in you:

The decisions that you make in your Now, form a brand new version of You, Right Now. 

Start from Now.

This Brand New You forges an original path while making decisions fueled by the momentum of other decisions of matching frequency.  Since your frequency determines what shows up for you in your environment, it’s always beneficial to determine where you are currently vibrating.  You can do this by examining the decisions you’ve been making lately about life.

Ask yourself, “How many ‘love units’ do my decisions contain?”

In other words, how many people does your decision affect?  It’s a trick question, of course, since we are all connected.  

All of your decisions affect all of us!

Now you don’t need an extraterrestrial from a tribe in the next galaxy over, to tell you that this puts great pressure on humanity to never make a mistake.  The large majority of you would never want to hurt another person, especially through a “bad” decision on your part. 

You are processing these concerns as you release your hold on time, and here’s why:

As you gradually recall your massive power to create, you may doubt your good intentions about your abilities.  This puts you in a sort of limbo, a sticky gel, you could say, that causes a linear time “delay” in your manifestations so that you can review your decisions prior to their turning into form.  

In other words, you are giving yourself time to change your mind.

Earth provides the perfect learning ground for this theme!  So when you make the decision to make decisions in every Now, then the intentions behind them are conscious ones.  You will do your best to choose good; and as you trust yourself more and more with your decisions, then the delay between thought and manifestation will diminish.  You simply won’t need that buffer of linear time anymore.

If there is one thing we can leave you with today, it’s the fact that you cannot make a mistake.

Trust outweighs beliefs!

Every decision—no matter the outcome— moves you further along on your path of remembrance.  Conscious decisions will become more joyous, and more inclusive, because you will feel better in the making of them, and the positive results will show up with less delay.

You will relax in the knowledge that with any decision, you did your best; as the version of Who You Were, in that moment.  That is never a mistake!


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,