Death and Taxes

Obligations always offer choices

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by Flora, from the Manoamao Tribe, Andromeda

Reminder: Obligations always offer choices



Has your mind and heart been racing these past few days?

There may be a feeling of urgency, of overwhelm, perhaps.  You may have felt like you took a behavioral step back, but that is really impossible.

This time about which we are writing coincides with your tax preparation deadlines in the Unites States. Despite the relaxed guidelines this year of 2021, the association has been established, revisited and anguished over for many repetitive prior moments. Your Earth is registering that energy in the form of atmospheric phenomena. This concentration of souls on one part of your globe have affected the weather for the entire planet!

The subject of taxation is a maelstrom brewing up in the field.

Along with death, taxes are the only thing humans can’t avoid, according one of your famous men who loved to laugh.

What do these taxes mean to you?

It will, of course, depend on your world view. No matter whether your view is sunny or cloudy, there still lies a common association with “obligation.”

As you contemplate personal freedom, you will review all of your obligations, keeping those you value and releasing those that are not beneficial for all.

The Collective will do the same. Moving into a world of equality will bring traditions back to the table for redesign, again for the benefit of all. And here’s another spoiler:  You’ll also revisit the concept of “death” too.

So use the energy of these times to transform any anxiety about your taxes into something lighter, hopefully more playful.   This will put you in the right frequency for more creative solutions, including those related to abundance.  There is plenty there for all on your beautiful planet.

My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,