Clearing Out The Pipes

"Proper balance requires both ends of the scale."

purple abstract art with branches
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Earth Energy Report for Monday, May 3, 2021
by Flora, from the Manoamao Tribe, Andromeda

  • Number:  999
  • Color: Jewel
  • Taste: Tomato
  • Smell: Garlic
  • Image: Branches
  • Stone:  Garnet

Reminder:  Proper balance requires both ends of the scale.


Today is a day of clearance.

If you recall from our previous 97 + 3 = 100 equation, the human aspect of you (3%) is always in contact with the larger part of you (97%).

Physically and psychically, many humans symbolize this connection by imagining a beam of light surrounding and incorporating the body, generally originating from above—and channeling through— the crown chakra at the top of the head.

This imagery is a symbolic representation of your connection with the Heavens.

So rather than push harder with more learning today, consider taking a break to clear out this connection.  You can think of it as a pipe if you like, or perhaps your beam of light changes from muddy to vivid colors as you clear away any blockages.  Just as physical pipes sometimes need a good flush of water to be in tip top shape again, so does your ethereal plumbing.

If you do notice any annoyances in the physical body’s plumbing, then consider reducing your sugar intake to help rebalance your…here it comes….internal flora.

Laughter makes everything easier, you know.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,


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