Your Senses: Can You See Through Walls?

"More is going on than my five senses indicate."

man in cape at top of building

When you go out on your Earth streets, you focus on a very narrow range of events happening around you.

Your physical world has a multitude of events and situations occurring on many levels.  Your five senses pick up a very small percentage of them.  For instance, if you are driving, you will focus largely on the road and ignore the houses that you pass by, as well as what’s going on inside of them.

“But I can’t see what’s going on inside of them,” you may say.

Well, statements like this illuminate limiting beliefs about your reality, in the assumption that you can’t “see through” walls.  You actually can, but perhaps your eyes are not the best mechanism for this.

For seeing through walls may be a nice party trick; yet there are other concerns, such as your beliefs about secrecy, honoring others’ space, and using your power to promote equality.

Humans filter out the majority of stimuli presented to them.  This is changing.

Beyond the hesitancy to accept the validity of other sensory communication, such as the skin, electromagnetic differences, and air pressure to name a few, on another level Humanity is grappling with their RIGHT to use these as-of-lately untapped abilities during the course of one’s day.

So in other words, you are unlocking abilities, but parts of you have not yet come to terms regarding the “right use” of them.  These challenges are being addressed in great proportions during your sleep state.  You, as a collective, are setting the ground for what is acceptable, and not-acceptable behavior when it comes to using these developing extra senses.

We would like to ask two questions of you, and we’ll leave you to contemplate your answers until the next transmission.  We understand that you are really ready to move over to the next plane, as you say, and we intend to help you discover your path there.

Yet to do so, there may be some hidden beliefs—related to past occurrences in this life or others you’ve lived—surrounding your right to use these sense abilities.

Our question:

How safe would you feel sharing every single thing about yourself, to at least ONE person in your physical world?

Meaning, no secrets whatsoever.  All of it laid on the table for them to see, and to judge if they will, or not.

This question has some far-reaching implications; for there are no secrets in a telepathic world.  So we want to introduce the concept to you, as gently as possible, that absolutely NOTHING about you is secret.

How do you feel about that?

We will carry on in the next transmission as to why this idea encourages freedom, rather than restrains it.


All my love,