Are You Fighting Your Own Expansion?

"Earth is a training ground for Masters."

girl with play sword

For those who are fast to point an energetic finger at something to fight, we will advise that your energy is better spent pointing at Yourself.

“Now, we were wanting to fight, and you told us to point at the Self?”

Why yes, that’s what we said.

That’s who you are fighting with at any time if you ever find yourself in a fighting mood. Now as your consciousness expands, you’ll figure out those old tricks.

You’ll remember that there are no oppressors, no villains. You’ll recall that the only things keeping you in such a mindset were your own self-imposed limitations; you placed them there to have a little fun. You can keep any limitation for as long as it serves you, or adopt new ones any time that serve you better.

Your creational power is “out of this world,” you could say.

It takes some practice to fire it back up as the limitations start dropping away.  Here’s where it gets fun if you can let an old idea go from your awareness.

Are You Fighting Against Your Own Expansion?

If you are still walking around in a physical body, you’ve got some expansive physical experiences in the making. This means that you’re choosing to stay here, and you are still agreeing to certain corporeal limitations in order to play the part.

Your Earth is a training ground for Masters, you see. You choose it for the adventurous and limiting contrast.

As an eternally-expanding soul, You will always call lessons to yourself.  Here again, the finger is pointing back at You. You expand in cycles. Your cycles will collapse down to the moment when you are ready.

If you are one to doubt your creational powers at this constant calling of lessons to yourself, then you entertain a belief that somewhere out there, there exists “perfect weather” all the time. You are denying the natural breath of Creation.

This forever calling of challenges is not a character flaw.  It’s how the Universe expands.

So when you can apply this idea to any challenge that arises, then the finger-pointing at the self will stop.  You will be mastering Challenges themselves, and the experiences can be playful and easy once you realize this.  Trust the process.

The atmospheric disturbances, now, have a new meaning.  They are something you—and the Collective—are working through together.  See it this simply:

There is nothing wrong with you when you encounter a challenge.
You called it to you.

So you have some feelings.  You let them out.  And you continue creating.
In doing this, you help expand the Universe.

No big deal.


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,