Alternate Timeline Assistance

"There are many others assisting with my evolution."

grapes on vine

The energies that are upon you might be squeezing things a bit.  You may feel discomfort in the particular chakras that you’ve been hesitant to clear. Accept help from alternate timelines.

For instance, if you have some unresolved feelings surrounding family, then you may feel blockage in your sacral and root chakras that can bring some unexpected aches, pains or bloating.

Although it is human tendency to immediately assume the worst, we want you to consider these communications as beneficial, for they are bringing attention to areas that other parts of yourself are helping you to cleanse.

This is good news!

Here’s why:  Because you can’t take it with you to the next plane.

Anything related to unexamined fears will be coming up for review, since your Higher Self does not live in fear.  Not in any area.  Not regarding any subject.  Not related to any situation.  Ever.

As we’ve discussed in our analogy about percentages, roughly 3% of your Higher Self is focusing on your current incarnation.  The other 97% is focused on alternate timelines, planning and growing the Whole, among other things.  As the Whole assists you by attending to any of your unresolved fear, you release the grip that it has on you…and everyone shifts upward in frequency.

More of you is getting involved in your evolution.

Although it often appears as if the human portion of you is the center of your Universe, there are other parts of you—living other lives, in other places— that also have fears to release.  And let us tell you:  once they figure out a particular tool, or technique, or beneficial viewpoint about that fear, they want to share it with you.  It allows everyone to feel useful, accomplished, and lighter.

We want to emphasize that this need not be difficult!  If you can remember to aim at the positive changes that are occurring in you, you’ll allow those other aspects of your Self to help you along.  It’s like having a team of invisible superheroes at your disposal!  No wonder why so many of your cultures are so obsessed with them.

What does this “alternate timeline assistance” look like in the physical world?

  • Unexpected offers of assistance from other physical beings
  • Synchronicities that bring up old memories for you to review, and perhaps redesign
  • Sudden noises or interruptions that jolt you out of a negative thought loop
  • Calls for rest, and waking up feeling much different

Releasing these blockages are a normal part of the evolutionary process on a plane such as yours that’s so steeped in polarity.

There is nothing wrong with you!
And you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

There may not be anything required of you other than patience with yourself, and with any physical discomfort that is—like everything else—temporary.

We want you to know that you are loved, and that it gives us great satisfaction when one of our tools or techniques helps you to clear out those clogged spiritual pipes.

So we suggest that you relax and be curious about who may be helping you!

During times of quiet rest, when you allow feelings to reign over your churning mind, you may get glimpses of scenes from their lives.  Different people, different places, different events than your personality has experienced.

And remember that you share your life experiences with those others as well; and they are just as curious to learn about you, as you are about them.

We are all on the same team, and just in case you forgot, all teams win!


My love to you from Far Away and Very Near,