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Whether you believe or not in the presence of life on other planets or dimensions, there is mounting evidence that will soon support it in mainstream science.

Some people need visual proof, because they’ve been programmed to believe that if their eyes don’t see it, it doesn’t exist.  Those beliefs run deep.  I had them too.

There are all types of beings throughout the Universe–some with good intentions, and some with other intentions that do not honor life.  Viewing the microcosm of our human society, there are both types of people as well, who exist simultaneously, sharing the same game board.

Since we live in a free-will Universe where all choices are possible, you get to decide which reality you choose.  Have you heard about reptilian races eating your flesh?  Does it bring fear to you?  Do you worry about it?  If so, that’s the reality you will experience.

Do movies like Arrival bring tears to your eyes when you think we could communicate with other benevolent races that are here to support us in our growth? Excellent. That’s the reality you will experience.

There are both options going on right now.

Yet it’s your interpretation of the situation, and your choice to focus on it, that will bring it to you.

You focus on it, it comes closer.  If you do not focus on it, then it will not appear in your reality.  It’s that easy.  You invite people in to assist, or to abuse, you. The other option will still exist if you want to jump over to it and experience it for a while.

Remember that you’re not solid, and neither are flesh-eating reptilians, or angels.  It’s all energy, projecting ourselves onto this crazy grid that we agreed would look solid for the time being.

Knowing that you can’t ever get it wrong makes focusing on the game that much more fun.


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