Awakening Symptoms

Feeling Weird?  Join the Club!

As you awaken, you are likely to feel some strange stuff happening to you.  It happens on many levels of you: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  You may have some of the below symptoms, or all of these (sorry!), at some time in the awakening process. In any case, ALL signs are messages to you, from you.  They ask the same question, from many angles:

How do you feel?


Think you are going Mental? It’s You, Making Yourself Better



Overly Emotional?  It’s You, getting in touch with Yourself.

  • Sudden bouts of tears over little things?
  • Suddenly can’t step on a bug?
  • Quick to anger when you see cruelty?
  • Can’t endure violence in movies anymore?
  • Children and animals flock to you.
  • You do endless research attempting to explain things you can’t explain.
  • You suddenly crave nature or water.
  • Colors make you emotional.
  • You can’t microwave your food anymore.
  • You feel like you have a twin that you connect with in your dreams.
  • Sudden urges to sit on the ground.



Does Your Body Feel Like It’s Going to Die?  It’s You, moving from carbon-based to crystalline form.

The physical symptoms are the hardest to assimilate, because they get in the way of living your life. Yet, they are fleeting, and you will feel better on the other side.  Most physical symptoms will last approximately 3 days.  They may disappear and reappear again later.

Note:  Do not shun Western Medicine simply because you are awakening.  There is a healthy balance between naturopathic and allopathic medicine.  Listen to your body and see a doctor if you are guided to do so.


Do You Feel Like Decluttering?  It’s You, clearing out some old beliefs.


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