When You See a UFO

Time to start questioning reality

awakening people see UFO sometimes

You’re more likely to see a UFO as you awaken.  How exciting!

Have you seen something lately that you can’t explain? UFO’s are a great example, because there is so much mystery, misinformation, and fear associated with them.  All those emotions rise up—they could be blood-sucking aliens here to ravish our world of its resources, slaying any human that gets in its way…leaving devastation in their wake!

Since you’re creating your reality, you can have them be anything that you want.  We think, however, that you’re looking for happy endings or you wouldn’t be here reading this.

So what is a UFO, really?

Defined as an Unidentified Flying Object, these sightings can range from a strangely-behaving light in the sky to a craft landed in a field.  The point is that you are presented with something that doesn’t fit into your previous concept of reality, and thus you start asking questions about what you saw.

That’s the purpose for you seeing it, just like when you see repeating 11:11 on the clock.  It gets your juices flowing, jolts you out of your routine, and sends your mind whirling—first to try to explain it away, and then, after things settle, integrating the possibility of existence of life on other planets.

UFOs are not a new phenomenon

When Christopher Columbus first infiltrated America, the Indians he met could not see the giant wooden ships that were anchored in the bay.  They saw the canoes that the explorers rowed to shore, but they literally could not view the ships with their eyes.  This is how deep our belief systems run—they actually control what your eyes see, and whether your mind registers it.

Because they had no concept in their current reality of a ship that could be so large, the natives initially denied the existence of these ships.

This happens on Earth all the time.  If you do see something you can’t immediately explain, it might resemble a cartoon plane in the sky, or a cigar (I know you’ve heard that one!), or a cube.  What you see will be based on your belief system at the time, and your rational mind will try to find the closest description it has for what it saw and present it in that manner.

Multiple people can see the same thing, different things, or no UFO at all

And there are countless instances where only a few people within a group will see a very obvious craft just above.  This has happened to me, where those next to me saw absolutely nothing.

Remember, awakening being, that we are all one; and ultimately it’s just you sending yourself another message to get you contemplating things that will further expand your consciousness.



author: Kimberly

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