When Life Gets Too Heavy: Emulate An Animal

Some days, the constant effort of self-improvement can feel overwhelming, and life may seem pointless.

Yet this is simply an imbalance; you can fix it with a simple visualization and a few laughs.  Here’s something you can learn from an animal:

Awakening is the remembrance that you are creating your reality.  It involves reprogramming yourself, to shed away the worn-out beliefs that someone told you in your past should apply to you but don’t.  It’s practically spiritual dissection, in which every piece and part of yourself is brought into the light to be examined and evaluated.

How exhausting sometimes!  And yes, you could resent being awake, because part of the awakening process requires that you go within at the expense of actually living.

Here’s a way to get yourself back in balance:

Take an example from the animal world; an animal that exemplifies wondrous joy, and innocence, and perhaps put on a good show for humans.

For me, it’s a monkey.

Monkeys have a kind countenance, a playful attitude, and a great sense of community. They do many funny things while out there in the trees, what with all that swinging and whimsy.

Monkey videos, monkey photos, monkey memes.  Whatever it takes to get you laughing.

You’ll most likely gravitate towards a particular animal again and again.  Make sure to look up the spiritual significance of that animal, as there could be some excellent insight for you as to why you chose it.  Remember, nothing is random.

Here are some other animals to consider:

  • Baby goats
  • Puppies
  • Meercats
  • Pandas
  • Chicks

Remember, Lightworker, it’s all about perspective.  You are bound to swing between the extremes on either end of the spectrum until you find your balance somewhere in the middle.  And no throwing poo!

Love to you.



author: Kimberly

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