Want to Contact Someone? Connect Your Blue Ray

Practice your telepathic abilities

blue ray activation

Now that you’re awakening, Lightworker, you have access to all sorts of really cool tools.

You always did, but someone in your past told you that you didn’t, and so you believed them.  But you’ve done your inner work, and understood that what they told you in your past was just their junk, and you are letting such things go if they don’t serve you. And once those pesky beliefs have been addressed, all sorts of new abilities will show up for you, like your Blue Ray lightworker superpower.

One such ability is to consciously contact someone with whom you want to communicate.

We’ve all had those “coincidences” where we knew that our bestie was going to call, or when we think of someone that’s been out of our lives for awhile, and they contact us soon after.  We had small tastes of these abilities, but our disbelief about our own power dismissed them pretty quickly.

These chance occurrences in communication were simply energy exchanged between two souls—yours and your bestie’s—and your conscious mind took note of it.

Now, you can consciously create such connections by sending them a blue ray.

Pick someone with whom you want to communicate.  To start, don’t make it such a huge jump in the degrees of separation, meaning let’s make it someone you already know but don’t talk to 5x a day. If you have a photo, that’s a great tool for your senses.  Pull it out and get quiet.

  • Focus on your throat, which is the communication energy center.
  • Imagine a light blue ray coming from your throat to the throat of your recipient.
  • Strengthen the blue ray until it looks like strong, blue, translucent light.  I like to imagine the water in a Caribbean cove.  That clear.  That strong a blue.  That intense.
  • Remember to make the light powerful, but not forceful.  Using an attitude of force with the recipient is counter-productive.  Just make the light available to them.  Their Higher Self knows what to do with energy of blue ray lightworker.

Now let it all go.  Go do something else fun.

It’s important to focus elsewhere to open up your Blue Ray receptors from a state of masculine, or sending, action to one of feminine, or receptive, action.

Remember that communication can be in any manner: phone call, chance meeting, email.  I’ve even gotten postcards from people I was thinking about the day before.  Who even sends postcards anymore?

You may also feel your ears burn (so, yeah, Grandma was right all along about that) when someone is thinking or talking about you. Our souls have a sense of humor in their delivery, so maintain that joyful anticipation of surprise.

And don’t forget to document your results. As with anything, this takes some practice.

It’s very common to see results on the first try; however if not, remember that you are looking at your reality through your own special set of belief systems.  Check your beliefs about the possibility of such communication, and release any that no longer serve your needs.  Or in my world, say, “Screw that crap.  I’m going to do it” and try again.

Happy Communications!



author: Kimberly

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