Take a Kundalini Shower On The Inside

The natural state of energy is that of motion.

Moving Kundalini Energy is like taking a shower on the inside. Feel the shift from 3D to 5D earth and have a great Kundalini experience!

The natural state of energy is that of motion.

Being as physical as we are, things seem so dense and static. But I know that you know that everything changes, even when it looks the same on the outside. Kundalini energy is one thing you can’t miss, though.  That vibrating feeling, and weird internal rumblings can throw you for a loop!

As human bodies experience the shift from 3D to 5D, we move from a carbon-based to a crystalline structure. Talk about alchemy!

You might notice that you hurt in the general area of a chakra today. For many it’s the bottom two chakras; those of survival and love, which are some of the most popular karmic themes humanity has been tackling in the past 300,000 years. You may feel tight, or “achy” in that area.

It’s important to move that Kundalini energy around in your body when you feel “stuck” in one place. There is no need to delve back into your past to find out why, unless you like that sort of thing.  You can simply notice a block or bottleneck in a certain area of your body, feel for the message it’s sending you, thank yourself, and then send out the intention to clear the path for energy to flow again.

It’s like taking a shower on the inside!

These signs of Kundalini awakening are great news. You are paying attention to the messages from within, and you are consciously attending to the message by taking action in whatever way is best for you.