Suddenly Feeling OCD? You Must be Decluttering

you will seek order as you declutter

My friend Jill organizes her oatmeal packets by flavor.  She can’t stand to open the box and search in the chaos of colored labels for the taste she wants to experience today.

I used to laugh at that, until I realized that she cherishes order in her physical life as much as she cherishes it in her soul.  It’s in the decluttering.

Now there are both ends of the spectrum when it comes to order.  You’ve got the “As Good As It Gets” toiletry-organizing obsessive order that really should be addressed, and on the other end you have chaos, in which (theoretically) there is only randomness.

If you dig deeper as to WHY some people crave order more than others, there is a clear connection to what is going on inside a person mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

As you awaken, you’ll spend more time addressing the mental, emotional and spiritual you from an internal perspective.  You’ll be decluttering your mind of old stuff that no longer serves you, and that energy will go out to the world to be reassigned into something else.

With the mental decluttering, you will also physically declutter.

You may get sick, to release pent-up energy.  You will lose friends, and you will rid yourself of unwanted physical items because you realize that it takes energy to tend to them and they no longer bring you joy.

After several rounds of decluttering your surroundings, you will start to see the order in having less. You will appreciate the details of the fewer things you have, and you will associate physical order with your clearer mind.

That’s why, when you find yourself organizing your socks by color in the drawer, remember that the order helps you stay focused on inner growth.  No need to expend energy on searching — like everything in life, what you want is already there. You are simply preparing yourself to let it in.  Yes, even the right pair of socks, at the right time.

One less chaotic thing to clog up your Now Moment.



author: Kimberly

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