Sleeping a Lot? You’re Being Upgraded

sleeping a lot is a common symptom of awakening

There have been reports of people sleeping 10-14 hours a day this past week.

I know I myself have been sleeping a massive amount of time this week, but I don’t feel sick.  This is a common awakening sign, and it’s good news.  While you are sleeping, your physical body rests of course, but the real magic is that you are not in it all that much.  You’re out there in your natural state visiting people, making plans and sending yourself upgrades to both your physical, and your energetic DNA.

Modern humans have 2 of the 12 energetic DNA strands activated.  These 2 are associated with the bottom 2 chakras of the body:  the root chakra and the sacral chakra.  There are 10 more energetic chakras available to humans, and 10 more corresponding strands of energetic DNA that remain detached in most of us.

Awakened people are being upgraded through the re-attachment of those 10 strands, one at a time, from the bottom up.  The first 7 are associated with our physical body; the remaining 5 are outside of you.

As you sleep, pay attention to your dreams.  You may see sacred geometry, see yourself on a ship (sometimes mine is a cruise ship, but I lack the Margarita, unfortunately), or on another planet.  These are all common representations of your expanding consciousness.

I’ve included a resource below if you are interested in learning the basics of this upgrade.

Earth Energy:






888 (Financial abundance upcoming – a windfall)

1111 (Pay attention to your thoughts)


Resource:  Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn.  This book was written in 1992, and is still applicable to the study of the expansion of human consciousness.  I like the audiobook as well; I listen to it while I’m asleep.




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